Yarn bombing – love it or loathe it?

Let me know what you think of Yarn Bombing …..like it or loathe it?

Came across these trees wrapped in knitting in Castle Gardens, Lisburn.

What is yarn bombing?

Here is a wikipedia article on Yarn Bombing

And there is a facebook page dedicated to it too

Would love to know what you make of it – good or bad, ugyly or creative, art or vandalism?

A few more from Castle Gardens this morning

copyright Janmary
Castle Gardens, Lisburn
copyright Janmary
yarn bombing Lisburn

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Yarn bombing – love it or loathe it?”

  1. I don’t mind it as decoration for a day; I mind it staying as litter, though. Just because we think it looks pretty and/or doesn’t mean the animals appreciate us bombing their home.

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