Day 18 – Ikea and My Own Little Rudolf

Today, having waited a whole week, I finally stopped resisting and went to the new Ikea store in Belfast. Those who don’t know me so well, may not appreciate quite what a momentous occasion this was. For nearly 20 years, since I visited my first Ikea store in England I have had a passion for this store, it’s catalogues, it’s weird names for products, it’s meatballs in the restaurant….I could go on……

Finally, after years of an annual visit, always restricted by having to bring my purchases home on an airplane (and I don’t think a Billy bookcase would count as hand luggage) or into a car to come by a ferry from Scotland, I am finally able to have unrestricted access!

There was of course the year we lived in Bristol, and we did have a removal lorry coming home with us, so it would have been silly not to completely fill up the lorry. So I have had some close contact with an Ikea store in the past, but this one is in BELFAST!! And I can go when I want! (within reason, although me, reason and Ikea do not normally appear in the same sentences!)

So tonight, after blogging, I will sit down with my new catalogue, mince pie and mug of tea….wonderful….

Enough about Ikea, or you will be calling me IkeaGoddess the 2nd.

Christmas Survey (now quite unrecognizable from the original inspiration, so I hope you are still with me)

What christmas craft do you love? Anything made by my kids.

I love this time of year when all the kids bring home their various Christmas craft items. I do love and cherish them , while secretly giving thanks that they get enough of glitter and glitter glue in school that they do not require it of me too. Much as I love craft, I just don’t DO glitter.

I will post a collection of their “creations” another night, with a pride that only a mother can have for the talent of her off-spring, but tonight is just about Rudolf.

Sam came out of playgroup yesterday, looking adorable with his hand-made rudolf hat, smudged red nose and so proud of himself, that I went into camera/photo shoot overload. I will spare you the entire collection, and give you just the edited highlights (and for that you should be VERY grateful).

Thanks for joining me. I am still a bit overwhelmed and amazed by BooMama’s Christmas Home Tour, and the number of lovely visitors who dropped in. I still have LOTS to visit, but aim to visit as many as possible, and it has been so enjoyable.

Til tomorrow, take care

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  1. Love your photos, great hat! And I love IKEA too can imagine you’re happy it’s nearby now… I live only 5 miles from it and go whenever I need something or whenever the kids want the meatballs or the kid’s ball pit πŸ™‚

  2. Darling photos! We are getting an IKEA here in Cincinnati in March and I can’t wait! I can totally relate to you excitement.

    I have to say, though, that I’d rather visit YOUR IKEA in Northern Ireland, than mine in Northern Cincinnati.


  3. I love IKEA too – here in germany we have a few of them! but I don’t love to go there with my kiddos because they won’t be playing in the kids-garten, they just want to go shopping all IKEA items πŸ˜‰

    love the little rudolph pics πŸ˜‰

    join in tomorrow!

  4. Fantastic photos and I under all about the Ikea! We have one about an hour away and I have stayed away for about as long as I can! I see my having a visit very soon!

  5. That is a beautiful little boy!
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi and tell you I loved your home tour, your ornaments are beautiful!

    You are an amazing digiscrapper!

  6. We are totally Ikea-spoiled here in Canada – have had Ikea for as long as I can ever remember. When we go to the coast I consider it a huge treat to spend the day wandering about in the store with my mouth hanging open and drooling… defines me as a country mouse right quick!

    Your lil reindeer is tooo cute! Thx for sharing.


  7. Ikea opened here in August. We do not go that often, but my son told his preshool teacher that he lived at Ikea. The closest Ikea was in Seattle before in opened here and the same son gets Seattle and Ikea mixed up and thinks they are the same thing.

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