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iphone Friday

Welcome to another iphone Friday feature

iphone photos of the week

Here are some of my daily images from the past week

On Friday I created some crocheted janmary designs necklaces

On Saturday I played with organised my new shelves for my jewellery supplies in our dining room

and we all enjoying tasting my daughters Home Economics exam menu

On Sunday my son made played with these paper/card areoplanes

and on Sunday evening we did our menu plan for the week

Monday morning was dark and damp (this was about 8.45am!)

and the sight of all these Cadbury mini eggs DID NOT cheer me up – it is just TOO SOON for Easter Eggs to be in the shops (and yes, I did resist buying them)

In the evening our cat (George) was in his usual spot, curled up beside me on the sofa

Tuesday I had an excuse to HAD to go to Ikea (more shelves needed for the dining room storage

and I found these sweet bowls irresistable

I made a few more rings  (again for janmary designs – orders welcome!)

On Wednesday I had a meeting in Belfast city centre and took this photo of the City Hall (yes the flag {fleg} was flying – it was Kate Middleton’s birthday!)

Thusday morning was freezing – this was my car windscreen before it was de-iced

and I was back in Belfast at a Women in Business networking lunch at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast. I went for a chilly walk along by the river beforehand

These seagulls lined up on the wall caught my eye, and another one flew in just as I was taking the pic

Finally (!) I discovered some more Christmas remnants this morning – why do they always lurk until the Christmas decorations are back in the attic?

iphone apps of the week

For my, iphone apps usually have at least one of these 3 functions – most can do all 3!

camera app – Instaweather

This was a recent discovery for me, but I enjoy both using it, and following other users on Instagram around the world.   It gives you the option of various weather overlays from your location. You can see a couple of examples in my images from this week. If you use it and are on instagram – let me know!

editing app – Diptic

One my my favourite ways to create a collage effect is to use Diptic – I find it straightforward without too many options!

Here are a few examples of some collages I have created on my iphone


sharing app – Project 365


Last week I mentioned Instagram, and it is still my go-to sharing app, and I often use it to post my images to facebook and twitter too.

However, as I am taking part in Project 365 with my iphone this year, the Project 365 app  great for that too and is a great motivation not to miss a day.

This is my progress to date for 2013 …. planning to make it to the end of the year with a full 12 months of images – wish me well!

Thanks for joining me again for iphone friday – if you have any tips or questions on the topic of Iphone photography let me know.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.

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  1. This meme caught my eye…..what a great idea…….I should take a photo a day with my iphone…so many times I don’t have my camera with me but forget about the one on the phone.

    I enjoyed the photo look at your week……and wish we had ikea…..I loved going there whBen I lived in Pennsylvania.

    Mama Bear

  2. Very Cool walking through your week, and the iphone makes it so super easy. Member how we faithfully lugged our BIG cameras around? I’ve taken to using my iphone more than ever. I kinda sorta wish I’d taken the 365 challenge, probably DO have pics all the way from the beginning of the year but then again… LOL!

    Thanks for sharing – you always make such interesting posts.

    ♥ Barb

  3. Hi – found your blog after someone mentioned iPhone Fridays – a great idea and I might nick it if you don’t mind. I downloaded the Instaweather app… I’m john_hague on Instagram.

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