16th December – a handmade Christmas

As I have just finished making some teacher gifts this morning, I thought I would share a few Christmas craft ideas

Chocolate -Chip and Pecan Cookies in a Jar

Using digi-scrapped the gift tags (available to download HERE for today only) and typing out the instructions, I added a ribbon and a wooden spoon.

Some of the kids latest crafts from school


A “readers digest” tree from last year (instructions HERE)

Some trees from 2 years ago – can you spot which ones my kids made?

So what is your fave craft at Christmas? Be sure to let me know.

Quick reminder – do you have a nativity set? Please come back on 21 December to join in the carnival – there will be prizes!

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  1. cookies!!! can i ask for the recipe? i am looking for something good to bake for this weekend. nice gifts for the teachers.
    your trees are beautiful!!
    hmmm..so what is my favorite craft…? maybe just the special gift tags and cards that i make every christmas. now that i am learning a lot from other talented bloggers…next year i will have more to share and more crafts to show!!

  2. Love your crafts! I have been remarkably non-crafty for the Holidays this year but I have baked about 12 dozen cookies. Normally, I like making ornaments for the tree since our tree is such a mish-mash of stuff.

  3. BOTH your posts were wonderful – I snuck here while I was supposed to be studying at school (well this BIG kid could not concentrate as its our school luncheon and I’m too excited) I’m glad I sneaked here – your ideas and crafts are fab – I can see myself “borrowing” a few ideas. I love how you mix your children’s crafts in with your new items. I also think the idea of the night at your church – well NEXT year I will start organizing well ahead. Thank you for allowing us to share.

    Love, Barb

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