Here comes the summer and some house guests!

Welcome to my world of the school summer holidays. I hope you will join me as I blog daily  regularly  sporadically about our everyday life adventures.

Regular readers/friends will know we are a family of 5 plus George the cat. So why, oh why, would I agree to have a family of FOUR come to stay as house guests for the entire summer?

Let me explain how it happened….are you sitting comfortably?…..then I’ll begin….!

As a blogger you get some strange requests from companies and their PRs. Usually I quickly scan their email, realize my readers have little interest in  learning more about incontinence pads or family tax credits on my blog and I move on with my life.
Sometimes however an offer intrigues you and your curiosity gets the better of you….and sometimes you end up inviting 4 strangers to move in!

Of course as those schmaltzy cards say “strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet” ( ?!!!)

So let me introduce our house guests

Mini-Mum, Mini-Man, Mini-Mindy and Mini-Max:-

First impressions – well mannered, limited luggage and the kids have definitely been taught that children should be seen and not heard!

I hope you don’t mind if I share their experiences this summer as, let’s face it, my kids are getting more than tired of mum always wanting to take their photos for the blog….it is SO embarrassing…..and of course taking photos of dolls our house guests is going to be SO much less embarrassing!

Declaration – our guests (the Mini family) previously lived with John Crane Toys and despite having some beautiful accommodation, their main home being this beautiful Marlborough dolls house and having a medieval castle as their holiday home, they wanted to experience life in the real world….

So Mini family – welcome to my world 🙂

I am linking this post to The Inspired Room – what is inspiring you this summer (and I assume I am the only one who is inspired by wooden dolls!)

Finally – can you guess what this is? I made 2 of them this week. Find out more in my next post!

11 thoughts on “Here comes the summer and some house guests!”

  1. Perfect Houseguests! They don’t shed or eat much!

    And I’d guess that is a row of colored pencils but then again, I could be wrong! lol

  2. I would recommend that you bring some tea with you. You will be able to get it here but it may very well not be up to your standards. Now, if you want a cup of coffee you will be in the right place.
    I live near Boston if you have time in your schedule e-mail me while you are here and perhaps we could get together for a cup of tea.

  3. Creative Junkie

    Now THOSE are houseguests I can handle!

    I have no idea what those things are … are they the spines of some kind of altered notebook?

  4. Erin @ Frundy

    Thank you for stopping my blog! Those little dolls are adorable! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Laura @ Just For Love

    Oops, I left a comment earlier but it doesn’t seem like it worked out. I’ll leave another one! I just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet compliment. I’m blessed when anyone takes the time to stop by : )

    Blessings to you, friend!
    Love, Laura

  6. What a strange comment the one above. Anyhow, those dolls, I mean houseguests are so cute! And those look like coloured pencils in a row, and if they are not then it beats me!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend JanMary!

  7. what a lovely post – i love the idea of their holiday home too!! I wish there was a lifesize one available! (at the same price of course!)

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