On 28th December … welcome back to the cottage

After a prolonged period away, we are back to our cottage near the Giants Causeway.
We nearly didn’t come up as yesterday morning the heating had stopped working and last night our neighbour advised us that the water was off too! There have been so many burst pipes following the “big freeze” that many parts of N Ireland are without water …. we just don’t seem to be able to cope well with weather extremes here!

Fortunately heat was restored this morning, but we are rationing our bottled water until mains water is restored.

Photo is from my iPhone so excuse the quality but this is my cosy view of our fireplace from the sofa this evening.

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  1. sorr hear about the heating and the water.
    Anyway a wonderful cosy view of the fireplace

  2. Amazing how we can not cope with the extreme weather. Know so many people who are without water but thankfully at the moment we are fine. Hope you have a relaxing time up at the cottage and a happy new year!

  3. Brrrr – and here we are having warmer than usual weather, like as if we switched weathers or something.

    We are back home now, my posts should be a little better, I’m SO IMPRESSED you blogging from your iphone!

    Love, Barb

  4. Its been so cold this year and burst pipes seem to be a major problem across the uk. My friend had a major leak so no water and, no power over Christmas.

  5. No heat and no water:( ugh. Sounds like you will have the chance to really ‘rough it’. Love your fire place!!

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