Funky Fish

This afternoon our kids spent the afternoon at our church learning about the Funky Fish Youth Cafe project in Cork. They baked buns, decorated fish and played all sorts of games including a variation of “Duck, duck, goose!” called “Fish, fish, shark!”.

Later in the afternoon the parents and other members of our church were invited to the kids own Funky Fish Cafe to sample their yummy food, and see their amazing decorated tableclothes.

It was a great way to combine fun, education about a great charity and lots of chocolate. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time and shared their talents with the kids.

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  1. I love your photos. The kids did really well making all the buns, especially the really fast mixer we had!

  2. Well what a fabulous idea! I wonder if there is a Scaredy Cat cafe for adults too! haha! Sure looks yummy. Thx for inviting us to see.

  3. I’d completely forgotten about duck duck goose. When I was young there was always that one kid who tapped everyone on the head maybe a bit too hard:) The photos look lovely. I’m sure they’d a great afternoon.

  4. I have heard how people around the world listen to Manic Mommies, but it is fun to find someone. I love that podcast. I am having some similar issues with my younger son that they are having with their boys and I often listen to the show while riding my bike. I have found myself laughing then crying then laughing again. I must look crazy.
    Check out The Kindlings Muse. I think you will like it and it come from Seattle, just up the road from us.

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