Midweek Update – how exciting a title is that?!

I am blogging on my husband’s laptop in preparation for our US trip, including NOT using Photoshop Elements to edit and resize all of the photos. We will see how it goes…..

So what has been happening?

Last Friday night we had our annual trip to Barry’s in Portrush…..

On Saturday we visited the Dunluce Castle Medieval Fair – however we were a bit disappointed with it this year – fewer stalls, no scheduled demonstrations or entertainment. I still found some characters to photograph though….

 and my own wee knight in shinning armour (with the helmet which involved many tears in the making thereof)

 the setting and views are stunning

and here are is the family on the way back to the car

After a lovely family meal at the Central Wine Bar in Ballycastle, we headed to Dunserverick Harbour with a plan:

to light a small fire on the beach, have hot chocolate, toast marshmallows and enjoy the sunset evening (we did not stay long enough to see the sunset!)

We were well prepared for the fire, bringing a peat fire log (by Bord na Mona)

although it initially did not look very promising

It took a bit of effort (i.e. I set down the camera and took over!) to get it to light!

But once it got going, it gave out lots of heat.

Add some hot chocolate

Bring out the marshmallows

And enjoy!

Of course I took the opportunity for a few photos of this memorable evening of what will hopefully become a new family tradition.

This week we are preparing for the holiday to Boston and Cape Cod but I do want to quickly share 3 products I was given to the opportunity to review by CSN Stores UK.

This glass triple serving dish (not yet had the opportunity to use it, but envisaging lots of options)

And this Croc Pot slow cooker.

I made my Spicy Sausage Pasta – browned the sausages in a frying pan, then added them and the other ingredients and left it for 4 hours – easy peasy and delicious. (Incidentally this is one of the top searches that arrive at my blog)

Thanks CSN.co.uk – you made choosing products to order and review very easy!

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  1. Your beach evening with the fire and roasted marshmallows looks inviting. I think that would be a very nice family tradition. Carla

  2. I’d like to think you linked the Bord na Mona just for me becuase you know I had to look it up and now I have to figure out how to have the fire logs shipped to the us –
    is the smell similiar to the briquettes or lighter or heavier scented? Hope your’ flight goes well!!!

  3. Hi JanMary! I got an unusual email from “you” this morning about being stranded – I assume it is a hoax?? I hope so!!!! Anyway, I am so excited to hear you are going to Boston/Cape Cod, the area where my husband and I grew up! Have a great time! ~Jess

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