White Company Orange Grove Candle Review and my twinkly lights!

I was sent a beautiful signature scented Orange Grove Candle from The White Company as a wee Christmas blogging gift.

I LOVE candles and while not a massive fan of strongly scented ones, the delicate fresh and sweet scent of this one is really beautiful.

It comes beautifully presented in this lovely box (which my son soon claimed as a treasure box) and would make a gorgeous gift.


While photographing the candle I made use of Elizabeth Halford’s photography tutorial on getting your Christmas lights to twinkle.

So there you have it – my perfect combination of a beautiful candle and white twinkly Christmas lights! Bliss!!!

Disclaimer – I was provided with this scented candle for review, but all opinions expressed and the white twinkly lights are my own!

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  1. Ooooh – how I wish the Internet had smell! Better yet, wish I could step into your home thru my screen and have a cup ur tea with you. Wishing you well.


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