Angry Birds Trilogy on 3DS Review

Just occasionally my kids think that having a blogging mum is more of a bonus than an embarrassment – and when I am sent a “cool awesome” Nintendo 3DS and games to review is one of those times.

Anyone with an iphone or facebook will probably be familiar with the Angry Birds games – this Angry Birds Trilogy for Nintendo 3DS includes the 3 games : Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

My 8 year old was soon flying through the levels with skill and accuracy – the graphics were impressive and the challenges as …… challenging!  Flinging birds with a catapult to destroy the enemy pigs is ridiculously satisfying and a great waster of time ….. if you get a look in on the DS yourself that is!

A bonus is that there is less pestering to borrow my iphone, and while recently shopping for new carpets, doors and paint, it was great to occupy our off-spring while we debated the difference between 2 similar shades of brown!

Perhaps the only downside is that you can’t have your own “side” for each member of the family, it is really just a 1 player game, but as my son is much more skilled than I am, for me this is a benefit!

I enjoyed the 3D effect most of the time, but occasionally was relieved there was an option to reduce or turn off althogether the 3D-ish-ness.

Disclaimer – I was provided with the Nintendo 3DS and a selection of games to review, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own!

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