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Half Term in Ballycastle

Having arrived up at the cottage last night for half term, we headed along our favourite coast road to Ballycastle this morning.

As usual ….. a few lots of photos

This photo was taken from the moving car window on the way.

This is the Children of Lir sculpture in Ballycastle. You can find out more about it in THIS post.

The beach was almost desserted.  That’s Fair Head in the fore ground, and that is Scotland in the distance.

We walked over the bridge and up past the golf course to the ruins of 15th century Bonamargy Friary.

I must say I was surprised to see a skull and cross bones on a head stone!

Finally I have created a wee slideshow of the drive over – remember all photos taken from a moving car through a slightly grubby window, so forfgive the quality of some.

Can’t manage to embed it yet, but you can see it HERE


You can see even MORE images on THIS POST from New Years Day

So what part would you enjoy the most – the  drive, the beach or exploring the graves and ruins of the Friary.

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  1. Always LOVE your photos, so interesting. I think what impresses me is you can pick out NEW things to show us in places you have taken us to time and time again. Shows you appreciate where you live.


  2. I loved the old gravestones that we saw (and photographed!) in Ireland. Such beautiful engraving! The beaches were also beautiful, though. Definitely going to need a return trip with Lilly when she’s big enough to remember!

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