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Monday Musings – sports relief, the surfer and the GB display

So what’s been happening this week in my world?

On Wednesday I posted by first in what I hope will be a series on iphoneography and have been delighted by how much it has already been pinned on pinterest, shared and commented upon. Here it is in case you missed it!

Friday here was the charity Sports Relief day, and my son went to school in fancy dress as a surfer (ok – it’s a body board, but you get the idea!) to run/walk his sponsored mile.

Also on Friday I headed up to our local parliament at Stormont in Belfast, to see where my Janmary Designs Jewellery will soon be on sale.

On Saturday it was a gloriously sunny day, and the “men” of the family (my dad, husband and son) spent the day working in our garden, the “girls” (my mum, me and my two daughters) went shopping.

Later on Saturday it was the annual Girls Brigade Display at Seymour Street Methodist.

It had it’s usual amount to neatly turned out girls aged 3 – 18, with a lot of french plaits and white ribbon.  Lots of effort goes into the singing, dancing and costumes.

There were cute, impressive, hilarious and serious items on the programme.

We had some royal visitors

A bit of audience participation too!

The highlight was probably when the leaders did a syncronised “swimming” (I use the term very loosely) demonstration on the stage, behind a blue “swimming pool”.

The great weather has continued yesterday and today. The clocks have gone forward, and the lighter evenings are lovely.

So, what’s been happening in your world? Please share!

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  1. Now its time for parents to take their son to Hawaii or Austraila or Turks and Caicos to get some surfing practice on that great taz surboad. By the way can I come along?

  2. Fun moments here!  🙂  Love the pretty girls dancing in their sweet outfits!

    Sweet time visiting with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  3. I love the pic of the heads! And the little girls – sooooooooooo cute 🙂

    so what’s your weather like at the moment? this morning driving to work my car said 11.5 degrees. Winter is coming – I love it!

  4. After a beautiful week of unseasonable warmth last week (18-20 degrees) today it is cloudy and 11 degrees which is typical for spring here.
    However it is to rain tonight and much cooler tomorrow. Still need jeans and jumpers and coats (although can need them in summer too quite often!)

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