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Connected again, daily photos and the forgotten cottage

Finally back to broadband again, I want to thank the engineer who arrived today to help, but not to BT who left us without any internet for NINE DAYS – thank heavens for iphones and our friendly neighbour at our cottage.

I’ve resolved to try again with Project 365/366 and am using both my Canon 500D and my iphone.

Here are my DSLR pics from the last few days.

On 2 January we awoke to some flurries of snow

Before leaving the cottage at the north coast to return to Lisburn I persuaded my family to let me have 5 minutes to photograph this cottage which we drive past almost daily outside Bushmills.

As you can see it is in a very neglected and dilapidated state and with a tree now fallen on it, I was fearful it would be totally demolished before I got to photograph it.  Just using my kit lens, and taking photos from a muddy bank at the side of the road, here is what I captured.

Do you find the images grim and gloomy or fascinating and intriguing?

I wonder who lived here, and what became of them. Maybe I will try to investigate further.

My son started back to school today, but it was such a wild and stormy night, it would have been lovely to have been able to stay inside all day.

I created a few new items for Janmary Designs

As previously mentioned we got our internet back

And this evening we packed away our Christmas decorations.

Are yours away yet?

What have you been up to today?

And I would love your thoughts on the old cottage!

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  1. I’m with dancing_lemur … I think the cottage is absolutely intriguing. There’s definitely a story there.

  2. Hi JM,

    Ohhhhh I want to be with you when you explore the cottage (jumping up and waving PICK ME!!!) I love old neglected buildings, they are so full of interesting angles and signs of age and cracks etc. I love to imagine who lived there and the history. Wait till I get there (I’ll start swimming over haha)

    Yes, all decorations back and organized and already pondering Valentines too.

    Hope you have a terrific week – can’t wait to see your newest creations.

    Love, Barb

  3. I’d love to get my hands on that cottage and redo it- I bet it would look so quaint all fixed up- I’m laying in bed freezing right now too- I am a
    So so sure if we came a cottage like for a very inexpensive price b would buy it hands down

  4. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I had no internet for 9 days! Your pictures are great, I can’t wait to enjoy some of your 365 project. We still have some of our decorations up (except the tree) which will come down after King’s Day on the 6th.

  5. ours isn´t away yet… I´m still ill and not in the mood to this work now… 😉

    Welcome back to the broadband!!

    Like your new items

  6. About the cottage fascinating and intriguing! I love older homes, if you discover the history please share. Your Christmas ornaments are lovely and only half of mine are put up…even though it is the 7th of January…

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