Boston Day 2 – photography, walking and splashing

I had booked a PhotoWalk Tour of the Back Bay area of Boston for this morning.  As traffic would be lighter, and the T was still operating the shuttle bus as part of our journey, we opted to attempt to drive into the city centre.  Thanks to our TWO SatNav’s (the one in the hire car, and ME!) we made it and parked in an underground car park at the Boston Common.

A few photos from the photo walk, by the lovely Saba.

Can you guess how many photos I took during the 90 minute tour?  My eldest daughter came along too, with my compact Canon, and her photos were just as good as mine, which delighted her. It was fun to see her tilting her camera to the side just the way I do! No longer can she complain about my photo taking!!!

On the way back from the tour, to meet up with the 3 non-photographers in the family (who had explored parks, ponds and play areas while we were snapping) my daughter and I were in need of a “comfort break”. The previous day on the Duck Tour our guide pointed out the Copley Plaza Hotel, which is used as the Tipton Hotel in “The Suite Life of Zack and Codie” (Disney Channel, and watched FAR to frequently in our house). We ventured inside to have a drink / use the facilites / be nosey!  The bar to the left had a sign saying “Respectable attire required” so we checked with the Maitre’de if we were suitabley attired, and fortunately we were!

We ordered a Ginger and Lime concoqution and a diet coke.  Some spicey snacks were also provided, and we felt very grand! The staff were friendly and attentive – we could get used to this!

The lobby and restrooms were equally grand, and we even gave Katie the Black Labrador a pet too.

In the afternoon (are you still with me?) we were fading fast, but made our way to Quincy Markets and saw a group of energetic street dancers.  They got the crowd going well, and made quite a few jokes at their own expense.

I had the chance to go on another mini photo tour of my own (with photographic daughter for company) of Beacon Hill – one of my favourite areas in Boston/the world!

When we returned my son was playing in the Frog Pond fountain, fully clothed, but loving it!  I snapped these pics before we could persuade him to leave.

You would think he would have had enough of water by then, but apparently not, and fortunately the carpark was close by.

On the way back through Boston Common we saw a minute or two of Shakespeare on the Commons – they were performing Orthello, so a little more culture to end the day.

Home to a bath, dinner on the decking, and watering the plants!

Thanks for making it to the end of this long post, and thanks for all the encouraging comments from my friends/visitors too.

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  1. Beautiful photos
    Didn’t know you could do a photowalk there
    Did u love quinceys market? I’ve heard so much about it
    Sounds like you are having a most
    Perfect holiday with the family
    And looks like the kids are having a blast
    Stay cool

  2. So glad that you are enjoying your trip. It is great that your daughter has taken up the picture habit, now you are not alone. Unfortunately, I am still the only one in my family snapping. Carla

  3. Awesome pictures! I love Boston. I went to college on the North Shore, just 30 min north of Boston. And when I was a teenager, my mom took me to Boston for the weekend, and we stayed at the Marriott at Copley Place. I will never forget that trip! 🙂

  4. As usual, your pictures are stunning! I’m so glad that you’re having a wonderful time! Maybe your daughter should guest blog her images, too? It would be cool to see the different perspectives each of you had! 🙂

  5. Wow JM! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time! Boston was so much fun for us as well – next time you go (if you ever visit America again), you should go on the Fourth of July. The fireworks are something to behold.

  6. Your photos are fab. We loved Quincey Market with all the food. Have you found the Cheers bar yet! Pete thought you both were brave driving into Boston.

  7. wow, impressive and fab shots!
    Funny the shots with your son in the water! Great captured.

    Enjoy your trip!

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