We’ll Always Have Paris

I love this classic line from the film Casablanca, and it seemed an appropriate title for this digital scrapbooking layout. As some of my regular readers will know, I hate having my photo taken, and being in photos – I suspect that might be part of my passion for photography, as I am always behind the camera!

However, as part of our trip to Paris I arranged a day with a personal tour guide / photographer called Christiane. It was one of the highlights of the trip – we were able to explore some charming parts of Paris, often only a street or two from the main tourist spots, and take some unique photos. Another advantage (or disadvantage, depending on your view point) is that she offered to take some photos of us with my camera.

This following layout is the results – enjoy, as you won’t see photos of me here very often!

Papers used are by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear. Eifel tower brush by Obsidian Dawn

I took so many photos during our time with Christiane, and here are a few from the first hour or so.

On to other news, and I was recently introduced to Adoptic – you can see it on the right of my blog. If you haven’t heard of it, click there and check it out. I have already met some lovely new bloggers, and have received some visits from new friends too. If you would like an invite, please leave a comment or email me, and I will happily oblige. Hope to see you there!

My youngest is going for a visit to his Nursery School, where he will attend part-time from September. He is so excited to be going, as it is just beside my older two kids’ Primary School. Later this morning I am going for an Ikea fix. I know you either love that place, or hate it. I love it, and still can’t believe there is one in Belfast.

Lots more to post on Paris – what would you like to here about next?



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Finally, finally, did you know that I did see another well known person in Paris. As he is now even more in the news, thought I would share. I have know idea who they were, or why there were doing this!

I even caught him on video – take a look!

Take care until next time.

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  1. Great photos! Looks like your trip was just fab! It’s funny–I hear about IKEA all the time, have one 15 minutes away, and have never gone! I think I am scared of getting addicted! One day…

  2. Fabulous pics janMary! i would love to see more from your photigraphy tour! i especaily like the one where you can see the refection of Paris!

    Thanks for sharing!I’ll be there in 5 more days and just can’ wait!

  3. Nice pictures and I can’t see why you don’t want to be in front of the camera – you’re beautiful! I’m another IKEA lover – can’t get enough of sitting in those perfectly organized, perfectly neat vignettes of a “perfect life.” I also love their candles.

  4. Wonderful photos!

    I still have never been to Ikea … we have an hour away from us so I could go, but I think I’m avoiding it because my obsessive-compulsive tendencies are going to kick in and I won’t leave the store until I’ve maxed out our credit card.

  5. I have heard lots about IKEA as well, and there is one about 90 minutes from me, but I have never been there. Guess some day I’m going to need to go find out why everyone loves it so much…
    And, as usual, I enjoyed your pictures.

  6. My family and I have made several trips abroad. Paris was always one of my favorite places to be — I love the food! Actually, anywhere in Europe, especially the countryside is fantastic for me. Now you’ve got me planning a vacation!

  7. TOO FUNNY – the video – will you do one with our own Stephen Harper if you see him too? Is it called country leader karaoke?

    Your layout is beautiful, and your photos, well – you have a wonderful eye for detail. I think I like seeing Paris through YOUR eye, some folks would miss all the neat little details you captured!

    Thanks for sharing, must run and visit! It was so nice sharing the late night hours with you last night. I BARELY got everything done … my friend Becky showed up with me still in my pajamas!


  8. Oh, how I love Paris! I was able to go many years ago with a group and the next year went on my honeymoon! My friend is staying there right now… wish I were, too!


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