Thanks, and another chance to see A Recipe for Life

Thanks for all those comments left on 4shared and here for my first freebie template. Just a quick post now, as I am packing for another week of holiday up at the cottage.

While there, my parents will be visiting and staying over, so dh and I can have the night before my actual birthday away in a hotel without kids – first time in 3 years :). When we come back here, we will be having a party. Porbably won’t post until after the party – so don’t worry, I haven’t disappeared completely and will be back soon with some pics, layouts and maybe even another freebie template.

Fo Vanessa, who left a lovely comment about a previous layout, A Recipe of Life, here are a couple of links here and here .

And for the rest of you – here is the layout – about my grandfather, Jack, including a photo of him delivering his milk in the village of Crawfordsburn, Co Down, Northern Ireland and the matching page of this 2 page Layout using Lara Payton’s Cookery Corner kit.

Thanks for looking
Take care

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  1. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, Enjoy your Weekend Away!!

    LOVE your heritage LO it’s Awesome!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! I hope your cottage trip is fantastic!

    The layouts are wonderful! I love the nostalgia of a milk delivery man. What wonderful history!

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