2013 World Police Fire Games – how to speak like a Northern Ireland local

From 1-10 August Northern Ireland is hosting the 2013 World Police Fire Games.  The World Police and Fire Games has only been held outside North America on four occasions and this year marks their first time ever in the UK.

A local sponsor/partner f the #2013WPFG, the Horatio Group, will be wearing t-shirts with some “Norn-Iron”-isms on them


photo (9)

Photo taken from 2013 WPFG Facebook Page

On the WPFG Facebook Page, followers were asked to make some more (clean and appropriate) suggestions and I want to share them with you.

Bout ye?         Hello, how are you?

Scundered         Embarrassed

Wee Buns         Easy

Happy Days!           Excellent!

What’s the craic?       What’s happening?

Stickin’ out         Really good

Keep ‘er lit!        Don’t give up

Dead on        Fine

You’re doing my head in        You are annoying me

Ampta doin alright?        Am I doing OK?

Away on!        I don’t believe you!

Take er handy        Relax

Howl your tongue!        Be quiet!

Suckin diesel         Going well

A quere geg          A good laugh

Aye right            I don’t believe you

Are ye on ye yet?        Are you dressed yet?

Yup yet?         Are you out of bed yet?

Catch a grip /      Catch yoursel’ on / Wise up         Be sensible

Apparently the t-shirts are going to be on sale at the Horatio Group stand at The Waterfront, the athletes village (Custom House Square), The Bot or The Kings Head – all in Belfast.

Which one would you pick?

If you can think of any more (clean and appropriate) to add, leave them in the comments.

If you are local are you planning to attend any of the event? There are a few more unique events which I might try to take my son along to – including Muster and Ultimate Fire Fighter.

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    1. I enjoyed reading them out to my kids – surprising some of the ones they didn’t know! Yes I love “wee buns” too 🙂

    1. I wonder is there a difference between scundered and scunnered – as I think of scunnered as fed up? Probably a bit a regional variation too!

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