Nominated for MAD Bloggy Award(s)

This week I learned

The MADs

    For Best Photography and Best Blog Design

    MAD Bloggers stands for Mum and Dad Bloggers  – you knew that, right?

    If you love my blog, photos, blog design, or even just me (!) would you mind popping over to the nominations page HERE and nominating me in both the categories again, pretty please.

    I would love to be short-listed and need LOTS ALL of you to nominate me, as the most nominated get through to the final shortlist, pretty pretty please!

    Thanks in anticipation of your cooperation (I always used to add this to the end of letters in my long-forgotten banking days! – not sure if it helped, but always worth a try!!!)

    • That getting a bathroom and cloakroom makeover is a messy business. Want to see a sneak peek of the progress? 

    Here was our old bathroom (aka The Room of Gloom/Doom)

    Here is our old bathroom now – in the skip

    Here is our empty bathroom as seen yesterday

    Watch this space – today the tiling is being done.

    • Warm weather is a great opportunity for us my husband to tackle the garden.  He dug and cut back and mowed all day – my Dad (Hi Dad) will be impressed!

    • Much as I loved the film The Blindside which I saw this week I will never understand what is going on in American Football. Give me football (soccer) or rugby any day!

    So, have you learned anything this week? Please share (and nominate!), thanks.

    For more lessons you can visit From Inmates to Playdates

      6 thoughts on “Nominated for MAD Bloggy Award(s)”

      1. Creative Junkie

        Congrats on the nomination, JanMary! Well deserved!

        I don’t even pretend to understand football. I’m there for the food.

      2. congrats on gettng the nomination –
        you have my vote –

        you must come to a football game in the states –
        it’s awesome!!!
        p.s. –
        love the movie the blind side
        just bought it when it came out

      3. CONGRATS my friend! You deserve it, you’re so faithful to blog and your content is always fresh and interesting. I am going to vote! I am sorry that I have been soooooo busy! I promise a good and chatty email personally as soon as I am able.

        Miss you,
        Mrs. Miles aka Barbella Cabella

      4. Congrats on the nomination girlie! Good luck to you! I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom. Thanks for linking up this week.

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