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15 December – Christmas Nativities

I bought my first Christmas nativity in London about 15 years ago, and have gathered a few (!) up since then……I bought this latest one in London in November

This morning in church, Dr Heather Morris was sharing about the important central role of baby Jesus in the nativity scene, and also in our Christmas celebrations. Both in her talk to the kids, and later to the adults, she challenged us not to get too cosy and comfortable with Christmas and instead to embrace the challenge of making a difference to others through having Jesus in our lives.

So although my nativity scenes look beautiful, I don’t want them to just portray the Christmas story but remind us what this season is all about.

This was my first Nativity

Here are a few more of my collection of Nativity sets …..

Our smallest Nativity (it fits into a match box!)

Do you have a Christmas Nativity as part of your Christmas decor? I’d love to know what it’s like!

More Christmas blogging tomorrow, see you then!

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  1. I just put away my collection of about 70 nativities, some bigger and some small. I have them from Europe, Africa, North and South America. My next one needs to come from Asia. I missed a chance on EBay to get one of those, but I will find one some day. My favorite is likely an ebony one from Africa.

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