A beautiful coastal walk in Northern Ireland

As heavy rain was forcast for later in the day, we chose to head out in the morning. I was dropped off (or “dropped” as my 4 year old said!) at Carrick-a-rede to commence my walk.
There is a small section of the Causeway Coastal Path between Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and Ballintoy which I really wanted to explore.

As I started off, I had some lovely views of the rope bridge, with Fair Head in the distance. A few intreprid tourists were crossing.

This is Sheep Island

Scotland in the distance with part of Rathlin Island in the foreground (not able to get all of it in the one photo due to it’s L-shape and position from my view point)

and some thistles to match the view 🙂

The path is a gentle walk along a grass path, a beautiful place on a sunny morning. Just beware of the cliffs!
Some more views of the coast from the path.

Many of the fields around here are long narrow strips, and the cottage in the distance is a traditional cottage, but few of these remain today. As a student at university, my Dad was employed one summer to measure all these fields around this part of the coast by the Department of Agriculture. He travelled by bicycle, and had a tent with him – there are lots of hills – not sure I could have done it!

My initial destination was Ballintoy church, which I could see ahead of me nearly the whole time.
I had spent quite a while exploring this church and it’s grounds last summer, however as a grave digger was at work, I chose not to enter the church grounds. It can be quite an atmospheric place.
Here are a few views from outside, including some beautiful old roses.

I then walked down the twisty road to Ballintoy harbour – it includes a number of hairpin bends. These lovely horses came to their fence to greet me.

I somehow managed to stumble on my way down, so had to limp the final few hundred yards, and still have a swollen ankle to remind me.

Here is one of the glimpses you get of the beach on the way down.

Fancy a new house with this wonderful view? Start saving.

This is a derelict house is for sale, with outline planning permission for a stunning new home, but the price, just for the building site (without any house) is £595,000! (about $970,000!!!). You would certainly end up with an amazing house with an amazing view, but you would definitely be paying for it!

Finally I made it down to the harbour to meet up with the family, and to enjoy a reviving ice-cream from the wee shop/cafe.

Could not resist a final few photos of these large daisies on the rocks just above the rocky shoreline.
So…… this is definitely one of my favourite walks – what/where is yours?

This week I am adding the post to Beautiful Life Carnival at The Inspired Room and Hooked on Houses weekly Hooked On,,,, Carnival as I’m hooked on taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature right on our doorsteps.

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32 thoughts on “A beautiful coastal walk in Northern Ireland”

  1. What lovely photos! I’ve never been to Ireland, but spending time in Northern England and briefly Scotland on our vacation last month leaves me missing it terribly! We dream one day of having a home over there that we can visit for the summer each year!

  2. Beautiful photos as always. But I have to know – have you crossed the rope bridge? Don’t know if I could!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  3. Beautiful photos! I especially love the pictures of the church. Walking there must feel like stepping back in time.

  4. ooh how breathtakingly beautiful!! I’ve never been to Ireland but my family is from County Cork (at least that’s what I’ve been told!) so hopefully I’ll get there someday!!

  5. Cheap at twice the price, I’ll take two:)

    I love walkiing through the North and East Quarries up a Scrabo, I’ll have to remember to take my camera next time I’m up there (it is a bit a trek though). Its been ages since I’ve been to the north coast, we may have to just strap Toots in with the dvd player and head up over the summer before she starts school:)

  6. Someday I WILL visit Northern Ireland–I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you, but my ancestors come from that area. My parents have been there and loved it. So beautiful!

  7. Multiple personalities..

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these photos, they made me feel like I got to go on a wonderful walk in a wonderful place. I hope one day to visit Ireland. You take absolutely wonderful photos! It was nice meeting you via SITS!

  8. You certainly live very close to Heaven…absolutely breathtaking…my favorite walks are along our seashore…this morning we were able to catch the sunrise.

    Blessings to you,

  9. Emma at Toddler Awesome

    Hi! I’m a fellow northern irelander! Have lved here all my life! how funny to find another! I live in Belfast… your blog is lovely 🙂 (found you on sits by the way)

  10. pk @ room remix

    Wow! What a beautiful place to walk. Thanks for taking us with you! Beautiful photos.

  11. Wow! You do indeed have a beautiful life. Straight out of one of those Rosamund Pilcher books that I adore. That church is lovely.

    Thanks for visiting me this week, as well.

  12. bentonflocke

    OH wow, the nature and the surroundings there a so fantastic – I think I´ll must visit your country in one of our next vacations!

    Great shots!!!

  13. Maricris Zen Mama

    The pictures are stunning Jan. You make me want to live in Ireland. Love all the pictures.

  14. Amazing walk! I love the horses, the church and that rope bridge from a distance. My heart would stop if I tried to cross it. My fear of heights would be the end of me.

    Hope your ankle is all healed up.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

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