Clip in Touch Video Competition – Win an ipod touch

Clip in Touch recently debuted their Facebook Video Evite Application that allows you to customize short clips with music, audio, and images to send to your friends.

The goal is to bring a new level of interaction and customizability to a Facebook Video Evite. Check out the video I made here:

My holiday postcard

The Clip in Touch team is also announcing the debut of their Video Competition The user with the video with the most views for the week will win a $50 iTunes Gift Card and the user with the video with the most views for the month will win an iPod Touch!

You can view the competition rules and see the competition leaderboard here

My Review

I found this application fun to use. You can select up to 5 of your own photos from your facebook photos, add some text (you have some limited text, size and layout), choose a video suitable for your message. It is easy to preview, and to go back to amend your photo choices, text and video.


  • easy to create
  • Easy to edit
  • Lots of potential uses – birthday greeting, party invite, thank you etc.


  • limited choice of fonts
  • only a few of the more subtle video background and music choices suited me – but that is probably more of an age thing!
  • no control over speed of wording, and length of time each image stays on screen.

Overall, glad I have been introduced to this. Not all applications on Facebook are as useful or easy to use 🙂

Link me to the videos that you create and good luck with the competition!

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