Life’s a beach – or is it?

First some pics of my son on the beach the other evening. The weather has granted us the a few opportunities to spend more time there this week, and we try to make to most of it.

It all looks idyllic, doesn’t it …. picture perfect perhaps?

I do wonder about how much I share on my blog – too much, too little, too impersonal, too personal? I also don’t want to appear to be blogging bragging (with picture perfect photos on my blog etc) – yes, I love my husband and I  kids, we are able to spend time at the beach, but I want to assure you my life is not perfect.

I tend to focus on the more positive aspects of life in my blog, sharing things that inspire me, make me laugh etc but that doesn’t mean my life is perfect.  As a Christian we are not assured of an easy life, free of pain and sadness, but we are assured of HIS presence along the way.

However I also want to keep it real………we too have bickering siblings, mountains of laundry, sand everywhere, and lots of tears.  While I don’t want to dwell on these things, I want to assure you that they happen in our home too.

If you blog, how do you find your balance?  I am aware I can’t please all of the people all of the time, but I hope I manage to please some of you occasionally, and after all, it is MY blog, and expressing myself here makes ME happy 🙂

I hope some of this rambling makes sense, but it has been on my mind since reading Jen’s post on her blog.  Would love to hear your thoughts (hint, hint!)

Other random happenings

  • The hectic-ness that is CSSM is almost over for another year, and once again I am grateful to all the leaders who give up their holidays and enegery to spend time with our kids.
  • Taking lots of photos, and I have a new canvas print of one of my photos to show to you soon, which I have been given to review by CanvasDezigns.  Cant wait to share it with you.

  • Bought this deck chair at our church auction recently, and I LOVE it – but it still challenges me every time I try to set it up!  I was thinking I could put a piece of tape on one part, so I know which end is which…. but where would be the fun in that, and I like a challenge!

I did try to have a lovely photo of George the cat dozing beside said deck chair, but he was either ungracefully sticking a back leg in the air while he groomed himself, or he would immediately walk towards me for a stroke everytime I bent down to take a photo. Just keeping it real!

So this week I am joining in at The Inspired Room, and I am being inspired to keep it real! Are you inspired by anything this week?

That’s your lot for now….come back soon.

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  1. I go back and forth with this myself. I know others may roll their eyes at what I post b/c I tend to focus on the good stuff. Ultimately I blog b/c I want to document our family life. I don’t scrapbook anymore so blogging has replaced it. I decided that I have to blog for myself & family. If others don’t care for it then they won’t read and I’m ok with that. We can’t wait for the beach!

  2. george looks just like that cat in shrek with his leg in the air – without the leather boots.

  3. I love the
    Pictures of George
    You should post more about him!!
    You know I Love your blog
    I guess we all need to find a balance
    As to know what to blog about
    Life is t always pretty and happy
    And there are times when
    You can have more then one
    Bad day
    It’s hard overcoming
    The guilt
    In felling like your depressing
    Your readers
    Love the beach photos
    They are great as usual
    Have a great weekend

  4. Well JM, as you know – I probably overshare on a daily basis. I am in constant search of a balance and have yet to find it. So in the interim, I just spew whatever is on my mind at whatever moment and, well, just let the cookie crumble, so to speak. I just use my Dyson to suck it all up.

  5. Your son has the most beautiful red hair!

    I struggle with this in my writing, too…it is hard to find a balance and it’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately.

    And your kitty looks just like our next door neighbor’s cat! 🙂

  6. Beautiful beach pictures!

    Please let me know if you figure out how to balance things… I may have just overshared… I find that I’m more hesitant for people I know IRL to know what I’m really thinking than for those I don’t know IRL. Maybe it’s strange? It’s just, sometimes writing about things is easier than talking about it. And it’s cheaper than therapy! 🙂

  7. Great photos, the wee man’s definitely not to wee as he used to be:) I really haven’t the first clue about balance I tend to write whatever pops into my head, which doesn’t work out too often because I have a head like a sieve and thoughts don’t stay in there too long;)

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