Whew – that was the week that was!

Last week I shared a glimpse of what lay ahead of me …… well I survived (obviously!) and today had my first totally “at home” day, apart from the school runs.

I have spent the day creating jewellery while watching a few films on Netflix.  I just love a day home alone, I have friends who can’t understand this, and much prefer company. While I consider myself a social person, sometimes I just love a bit of peace and quiet! Do you?

I’ve been creating lots of “fleur brooches” like this one for Janmary Designs handcrafted jewellery

This afternoon, after helping my son research some “Bee Facts” (did you know that only the female bee can sting? N? ……me neither) we headed up to the post box with my son on his bike. This is a huge step as he has just recently sort-of mastered riding his bike all by himself.

He can sort-of start, kind-of go in a straight line and usually manages to stop without toppling sideways, and he doesn’t like to cycle on any sort of an upwards slope …… so a 5 minute outing took about 30 minutes, but he loved posting a letter when we got there.

This week I will be selling my jewellery at the Women on the Move Summer Fair in the Leighinmohr Hotel in Ballymena.  If you are in the area, come along on Thursday evening and say “hi” – free event, all welcome.

On Friday I am off to London for two nights to the BritMums Live Conference. Over 500 (mostly) mum bloggers in one place – both exciting and terrifying!

So if you follow me on twitter (@janmary3), facebook or instagram (janmary), expect LOTS of instagram photos being shared…..you have been warned. 

Come back tomorrow when I will be hosting a giveaway for a beautiful bouquet of Senata flowers.

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  1. Sounds like a mad week, glad you got some me time and I know what you mean sometimes is bit of quiet time is nice. Great to see your son doing so well with the bike riding … we were so close and then on Sunday she got fed up with it and went and got the stabilisers and rachet set and put them back on herself. Had to be proud in a way but they’re coming back off again and I’ll hide them better this time;)

  2. Whew hope this week you get a chance to relax- I LOVE my time alone – some people don’t get it – I need it! I even love going to the beach by myself with a good book and just being quiet
    Sme people don’t get it
    Have fun in London – get some cool pics!

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