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Sharing the North coast of N Ireland Part 1 – Giants Causeway

Last weekend  Two weekends ago we had a superb weekend up at our holiday cottage near the Giant’s Causeway.  We had the pleasure of the company of a good friend from England, and we keen to share a wee bit more of what Northern Ireland had to offer.

We arrived up at the cottage just as it was getting dark, so only had time for a quick walk on Portballintrae beach.

Saturday morning, bright, sunny and early(ish), after some homemade pancakes to sustain us, we headed for the Giant’s Causeway.  We parked at The Nook and booked a table for lunch, before heading down the path.  It is always interesting to see the reaction of visitors on first visiting the Causeway.  As is covers such a wide area, that initally it does not seem that impressive, but as you approach you realise that thousands of the rocks are in the columns.  It is only when you start to climb over them and watch the sea crashing on them that the scale of it all really impresses.

It does not, however, impress everyone – when asked what he thought about the Giants Causeway, Dr Samuel Johnson (an 18th century writer) proclaimed “Worth seeing, yes; but not worth going to see”.

So what is your opinion of it? Impressed?

The females of the group chose to return back via the cliff path, including it’s 162 steps! Fortunately it was a sunny and calm day, as it could be quite dangerous if wet and windy. The view was almost worth it!

After negotiating the gift shop we had lunch at The Nook – the food was reasonable, but we considered it very expensive, and probably would choose to eat somewhere else next time.

Coming soon Part 2

Update – It has taken almost a week to get this post on the blog – we have been spending a few snowy and stormy days at the cottage. Yes – SNOW, GAILS and SLEET just before Easter! Unlike some, we did manage not to lose our electricity, but I found little time for blogging.  However, coming soon to this blog – a before/after quick update to the girls bedroom at the cottage, more of the north coast of N Ireland, and our bathroom Room of Gloom makeover starts next week.

As I write this we are unpacking from the cottage, and packing for Dublin, for our first ever House Swap with our cottage! We are also looking forward to 3 weeks in Boston and Cape Cod this summer 🙂

So what are your plans for this Easter weekend?

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  1. I’ve never been to the Giant’s Causeway. That’s terrible isn’t, I always intend to go, but I’ve just never got around to it.

    Enjoy Dublin, maybe U2 will be busking again:)

  2. I found it very impressive & would love to see it in person! Amazing!
    How exciting to do a house swap, that should get you some fun blogging fodder right? Sounds like a wonderful summer coming up also!
    What a fun family you are!

  3. Those pictures are so beautiful! Having wonderful family time this weekend. Hope you have a great Easter! ;0)

  4. Looks cold – lovely pics I love anywear that water crashes – always worth visiting.
    Happy Easter

  5. **stamping my foot because I want to go to Ireland**

    No big plans this weekend – just hanging out with the family. And trying not to eat too much chocolate. We have gorgeous weather – it’s supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow – I simply can’t get over it. That NEVER happens here.

  6. ok- i am impressed – but i knew I would be – but it helps knowing I will be there in a bit over a month. ( I can’t wait)
    Janine – your photo’s look like postcards – amazing!!! I only hope mine come out as good as yours –
    I have to work all weekend – yuk
    Hope your weekend in Dublin is a blast –
    please post some pictures!!!

  7. Totally impressed. I think it’s all beautiful!! And I can’t BELIEVE you had snow – OH MY!

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