From Ballycastle to Buckingham Palace (almost!)

www.Last Saturday we headed to Ballycastle, one of our favourite spots on the north Antrim coast.

 It manages to combine a lively small town, a lovely harbour, lots of play parks, a beach, great views and a craft shop selling Janmary Designs – what more could you want!

This year there is a new sand play area beside the harbour, with an appropriately themed ship wreck to clamber over.

The unpredictable fountains are always tempting the kids to get soaked, but usually it is too cold! Hopefully we will have a warm enough day soon.

Another new addition to the sea front at Ballycastle is a new sculpture called “Children of Lir” based on the irish legend of children turned into swans, and destined to fly over the sea of Moyle (the area around Ballycastle) for at least 300 years.

 So how do we get from Ballycastle to Buckingham Palace you ask?

Well, my Janmary Designs jewellery, for sale online and in Ballycastle, will soon be putting in an appearance at Buckingham Palace! A customer has ordered some of my jewellery to complete an outfit she will be wearing at a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace next week!

Hopefully I will be able to share some photos of the jewellery and the event, and I’ll let you know if my jewellery receives any royal approval!!! Watch this space!

Have you had any exciting news this week? I hope so, and would love you to share it here.

Take care until next time.

2 thoughts on “From Ballycastle to Buckingham Palace (almost!)”

  1. Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    How exciting that your jewelry will soon be near royalty! Have a wonderful time, JM. Good to be back and reading about your adventures again! 🙂

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