Ladies who lunch!

We have an english friend staying is a charity worker in northern Iraq. (She has been there for more than 10 years). This morning I took her into Belfast for a bit of sightseeing, shopping and lunch.

We ended up in my favourite shop Avoca and had a delicious lunch in the Avoca Cafe.

It is the first time I have sat at a table with an insert filled with cacti and coffee beans! The furniture, decor atmosphere and food were wonderful.

I had beef cooked in Guinness served with champ and cabbage. My friend ordered salmon fish cakes with salad.

The shop is filled with wonderful colours and textiles, beautiful things and fairy lights.

Enjoy the pics!

So what is your favourite shop?
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10 thoughts on “Ladies who lunch!”

  1. Lovely photos today, loved seeing your special lunch place.
    One place I like to eat lunch is a place called Panera’s. They bake their own breads and sweets really yummy. I haven’t thought of taking pictures there I will have to do that.

  2. Oh don’t get me started, I’ll be on the bus first thing tomorrow. I worked about 3 doors down from Avoca when it opened. Thats one the shops with all the really overpriced stuff that nobody needs, but everyone (I) really want I was talking about. Did you see all the gorgeous wellies. I have absolutely no use for wellies, but I still want a pair:)

  3. How fun to discover your wonderful blog! Hmmmm my favorite place for lunch- I guess it would have to be Camille’s Cafe. But all they have is yummy food, no spectacular gifts and treasures to photograph!

  4. I like all the angles you used and the colors and textures. Beautiful place. I also like Panera’s and I like to try mom and pop shops here that are not part of the chain restaurants. What are wellies?

  5. I would have to say my favorite shop is Claire’s – its a jewelery shop. Just cheesey stuff, and they used to have a great 10 for 10 dollars deal, but woe to me, the do not anymore. Still, they have pretty things.

    What a special place to reconnect with your friend. You built a memory with your great photos!

    Thx for sharing your visit with us out here!

  6. That looks like my place to eat….all girly and lit up with fairy lights. Plus, I love being a lady who lunches!

    What is champ?

  7. Oh JanMary,
    Can I please send you a shopping list???? I am swooning here…absolutely lovely things!

    So happy you girls had a nice time together…


  8. What fantastic photos – sounds like somewhere I would love to go – to eat and to shop!!!!

    My favourite shop was a little local shop in our village called Urban Home – lots of gifty odds and ends – sadly it closed a few months ago 🙁

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