It’s Good to Talk

This morning we took our house guest to Bangor, where she was meeting her other Northern Irish friend. I took the opportunity to photograph the marina, and my eldest daughter for the new online photography course I am taking.

Here is one of my fav shots of her this morning, while she was talking on my mobile phone to a friend. It reminded me of one of the old Bristish Telecom ads “It’s good to talk”. I suggested to her that in years to come she might look at this photo and be amazed at how the mobile phone looks, as I explained how huge and bulky they used to be.

We did a little shopping together, and it was lovely chatting together, just the two of us.

Later this afternoon we took the three kids to our neice’s 4th birthday party. All the children played well together, despite ranging from 3 to 11, and the adults enjoyed the chat and the food.
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  1. Toots plays with an old BT cellnet phone the hubs had many moons ago. Its bigger than the house phone. You’re daughter will probably get a good giggle out of hers in years to come.

  2. I’m sure when she looks back at this photo she’ll see how big the phones used to be as they’ll be little chips in our heads by then. LOL

  3. Your children smile a LOT! A smile says 1,000 things all on its own.

    So true about the phone. By the time she’s grown up, they might be something as small as a hearing aid, we won’t even see them? Its very exciting, really. I just listened to a podcast and they interviewed a man who is paralyzed… he cannot speak even, but they’ve implanted in his brain and he can THINK and make a computer pick out letters and he can form words, sentences etc. He’s a professor at a university. So, with this technology already here, there’s so much to come!

    Thx for the smile of the day 🙂

  4. Such a charming girl with a sweet smile. I really like the angles you have. I need to experiment more with diagonal lines.

  5. She really is adorable…so fresh faced and sweet!

    It is amazing to see how far the cell phone (or mobile) has come in the past 15 yrs or so…of course when I was growing up we didn’t have them at all and we were lucky to have push button phones instead of rotary dial! 🙂

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