Signs of the times, and a wee "wii" update

My kids have taken a notion recently to create signs on their bedroom doors. With the help of PhotoShop (yes, starting them early) and only a little assistance from me, here are what they came up with.

My daughters chose well to match their personalities.

My son could not narrow down to choose just ONE Mr Men character, so went for them all. He directed the designing process and his big sisters complied.

Do you kids have signs on their doors?

On to the Wii EA Active Sport Personal Trainer game which I have been given the opportunity to review.

Confession – not been just as dedicated this week, but WHEN I do use it, I love it and feel the benefits.

Today I thought I would share the workout equipement items that are provided along with the Wii game.

The Leg Strap

Definitely works best if you are not wearing looser trousers, as it is hard to tighten the velcro sufficiently and you can experience a “sinking” feeling as you “run” around the track.

The nunchuck from your Wii is inserted into the pocket in the front of the leg strap (a bit of a tight squeeze) for about half of the exercises.

There is an additional short piece of velcro (Adjustment Strip) which can be used quite effectively when attaching the leg strap to skinnier/kids legs!

The Resistance Band

This is used for many of the stretching exercises and once assembled (not TOO tricky when you read the instructions) as easy to use. If you need more resistance you can fold over a section of the band below your feet to shorten the length and increase the amount of work you need to do. My one negative about the equipment is that I find the handles quite uncomfortable after a few minutes of using them. Perhaps the straps could be cushioned in some way?

So just officially one more week to go of the 30 day challenge (but I may need to extend it slightly to get all my exercising done).

Keep watching for the final installment and my final overall impressions.

You can see the other parts of my review HERE and HERE.


6 thoughts on “Signs of the times, and a wee "wii" update”

  1. Hello, I found you on the blog train!

    What adorable signs your children have made. My kids are grown now but I don’t recall there ever being a sign on the outside of their doors. It just never occurred to me to do that. I think it is great that they are using Photoshop. Maybe they have a future in graphic design.

    I’ve never tried a Wii. The exercise game looks interesting. I go to a gym but sometimes I would just like to work out at home and not have to leave the house. I would like to try a Wii before I put out any $$$$ though.

  2. This is so exciting!! I love that you are doing so well at it… lets see some before and after pictures cutie!!


  3. hi janmary!! those door signs are beautiful! i will keep that in mind and maybe someday we can do it. i do have that the wii active too!! i use to do it before i went on vacation…now i haven’t gone back to it. i love it too!!

  4. The signs are lovely I like the fact they can create a Mr or Miss to suit their personality.
    The Wii EA Active Sport Personal Trainer has had me fascinated as I dearly would love one but keep umming and ahhing over it.

    I am waiting for your updates and cant wait to gey your opinion on the results of the full 30 days

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