Marvellous Start to the Month of May

Could not think of another title – so went for a bit of alliteration.

On Friday morning it dawned on me that my eldest only has 2 more months at primary school. I managed (with a little persuasion) to get her to pose with her sister, and then both with George the cat.

It will be strange having her at a different school, but by then my son will have started the primary school, so there will still be 2 of our kids there.

Friday night we headed north to the cottage, and the forecast was not too optimistic. These days forecasts are usually quite accurate, so we were pleasantly surprised to wake to sunshine and blue skies on Saturday morning.

We stopped off to take some photos of White Park Bay. We don’t often go down to this beach with the kids as it is quite a walk down from the car park, and more importantly quite a steep trek back up with tired kids in tow. However, it is stunning, and rugged and very unspoilt.

We then headed west, towards Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, but instead of taking the popular tourist path to the rope bridge, instead we headed down towards Larrybane bay. I don’t remember ever being down this way before. There were stunning views of Sheeps Island, Rathlin Island and even Scotland!

As the kids explored the rocky shore and caves, and my husband tried out his new binoculars I took loads of pictures of the crashing waves, and also of the rope bridge, with the intrepid tourists crossing it.

Later I snapped a few photos of the kids.

This is a rare moment of contemplation by my constantly moving energetic son, and I really wonder what he is thinking in this photo. Can you think of a caption?

In the afternoon I did my tour of the local craft supply shops, buying more beads and charms for my soon-to-be-opened jewellery Etsy store. My daughters and I then went to see the new Hannah Montana film, and I managed to stay awake (I have been known to doze off during kids films in the past!).

You will have to wait for my next post to see the photos I took today (Sunday), but they include wild flowers, a train and some “dark hedges”.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

I would love it if you could tell me which of the photos in today’s blog post you like best?

Even if you rarely comment or never comment (and there are quite a few of you!), please try……it is quite painless, really!

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  1. I know about the never commenting blog visitor!!

    But I´ll try to comment each (most…LOL) of your posts.

    I love to see all of your landscape pictures – and I think sometimes I´ll visit alle these wonderful places – they are so interesting!!

    Today I have three favorite shots…. the pic of all your three children – because of the closeness, the happiness and because I see Irland in it…. I´ve not enough words to explain what I meen hope, you´ll understand it.

    The one of your thinking boy and the one (before the waves) of your two girls.

    And the waves are totally stunning!

    Wish you a good start in the new week – and if you´ll have time, switch to my blog, there is a little gift waiting for you… it comes from the heart.

  2. SIGH – you mean we have to PICK? Almost an impossible task, my friend. Honestly I believe your eye catches all the ‘treasures and nuggets’ of beauty – strips it away from all the mundane to present us with each a delight.

    I’m sure the sisters will absolutely be so glad later in life you tortured them with your ever-snapping lens.

    Your son again, is a perfect subject – the thinking one? If I tried to get into a little boy brain I’d be wondering what it was like in the olden OLDEN days when pirate ships came sailing over the horizon.

    The waves would make an incredible series for a wall – so peaceful yet powerful. The scenery is stunning and one day, ONE day I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt we’ll be sharing it together with me and my Mr.

    And then there will be two of us ‘camera happy snappers’ LOL!

    THANK YOU JM, I truly could not pick just one.

    ☻ Barb

  3. I LOVE your cresting and crashing wave (close to my own heart)!!

    Waves were one of the very first things I got photos of when I first got my Rebel 🙂 I love them!! AND I love the beach (and we live…right next to it basically, technically it’s about 4 miles because we have to drive around part of the bay and cross a bridge, but as the crow flies, about 1.5 miles from the beach).

  4. I love love love that last one! Definitely my fave.

    I just love your photos – every single time you post landscape/scenery ones, I just want to hop on a plane and come visit.

  5. The waves and Carrick a Rede look fantastic. And I pretty sure your son is thinking;

    “She’s there with that camera again, I just know she is”. Kidding.

  6. I LOVE all of your photos! The scenery is breathtaking in picture, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be there is person.
    Your kids are so adorable and I can see you in the oldest daughter! What a sweet tribute to her!

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