If Friends Were Flowers…a digital scrapbooking layout and Best Quotes and Titles links.

For today I would love to share with you a layout I made of my daughter and her best friend. The wire elements used all came from Gina’s Playing With Wire – Spring element pack at Weeds & Wildflower Designs, and seemed perfect for this quote.

In looking for this quote, I came across several great sources of quotes and titles suitable for cards and scrapbooking (digital or paper). Here are the links, and I hope you may find some of them useful.

Denny’s Poems and Quotes

Peppermint Creative

The Quote Garden

Loving You

If you have any other sources you would like to share, please leave a comment – thanks!

Another busy week over, and a new week beginning.

I am not sure if it is the same in your corner of the world, but here a lot of the kids activities stop about now until September. Last night was the Girls Brigade Display (their end of year concert for the parents) so this week after Chocolate Fountain party (how good does that sound!) GB will end for the summer (although no sign of warmer temperatures to match). However, just in case I felt under-utilized as a Mum’s Taxi, this week sees the start of tennis lessons for the girls instead. I used to find the summer holidays long when the kids were small, but now I love them as we can be much more relaxed with less structured demands of piano, choir, swimming lessons etc, not to mention the school runs and the homework.

Here is a wee collage of some of last nights GB Display – including S as half of the Red Sea, and J as Jessie from Toy Story. The girls and their friends were delighted with their prizes at the end, and my daughters even confessed to having cleared some space on their “special shelves” just in case they had a trophy to add! Fortunately neither were disappointed.

I came across a very honest and refreshing post by a mum and her clash with her son over homework, you can find it at Surving Motherhood. Let me just say that I could certainly identify with her experiences.

Still in the midst of my biggest ever order for by Digital Scrapbooking For Others business, also known as JM Digital Designs. Please don’t click on the link unless you want to see what must surely be the most boring and empty blog ever! I do have lots of good intentions to redesign it, and maybe even put a post on it but as I currently have plenty of work without it, it has slipped further down my to-do list. Any suggestions for how to improve it all gratefully received, because it certainly could not be any worse! At least I have insight!

So I am off to have another lovely busy week with my family and my digi-scrapping, and I hope you too have a great week doing whatever you do.

Until the next time,

Take care.

12 thoughts on “If Friends Were Flowers…a digital scrapbooking layout and Best Quotes and Titles links.”

  1. Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org

    Hi there, just running thru the DST Blog train. LOL.. I have been sitting here watching your slideshows. GREAT WORK! THanks for all the new links/resources!

  2. Congrats to your daughters for their lovely trophies! That’s always a great way to end the year.
    Thanks for the links, too. I’m always looking for great quote sites, so yours was a big help!

  3. michellewaite1

    Great pictures and layout. I am always so glad when everything winds down for Summer.

  4. Wow! Lots of stuff going on! Congrats to your girls. Thats awesome! Your layouts are just so beautiful. I tend to head to theperfecttitle.com and Miss Mints site for title help. 🙂

  5. Char @ DigiScrapChat

    Oh, fabulous layout, and thanks for the quote links – I LOVE gathering quotes.

  6. Congrats to your daughters for their trophies!
    I sometimes check out brainyquote.com for quotes. They might not all be page-title material, but sometimes I will find just the right quote to use.

  7. Hi there, I’m new to your blog but am adding it to my feeds so will be watching for more posts! I love your layouts and photos. You do gorgeous work. I’m a digi-scrapper for hire, too!! Always fun to find another digi-obsessed person out there. I’m in the U.S. and am also in the middle of a huge layout order. FUN! But, as you well know, it curtails much of my OWN scrapbooking. Would love for you to stop by my blog and/or website. Maybe we can trade tips some time on running a digi-scrapping business. Keep up the great work! Deborah. (my website is: http://www.webajeb.com – you can find links to both my blogs there.} Hope to “see” ya around!

  8. Such a great layout, and such cute girls!

    Spring and summer are very busy here too…so many activties for the kids. I’m glad they are busy and active, but it is a lot of running around! My blog time is definatley suffering!

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