Christmas Trees from Christmas Past – on 8th day of December

I am sharing today the evolution/history of the Christmas Tree in my life here in Northern Ireland – riveting stuff! From our tree from my childhood, to my tree(s) this year – I’m sure you can’t wait.

When my husband and I were engaged we came to a compromise on a very important issue ….

I had always grown up with a REAL christmas tree, and loved it

although my brothers might not thank me for sharing this 70’s photo

(note the fashion, the curtains, the shag pile carpet and the thread artwork on the wall)

and sorry Mum, but here is one of her and I too – the year is 1973 (as the fashion might suggest)

(See our cotton wool Santa stuck to the door – this is where I inherited by creative gene!)

My husband had always grown up witha real tree and hated it (no embarrassing photos though)

I had always grown up with coloured lights …. and wished for white lights….

So all good marriages have a bit of give and take …. I didn’t mind an artificial tree as long as I had white lights…. and my husband wanted the artificial tree and didn’t care about the colour of lights…..

so it was a win/win!

Here is the first tree we bought for our first home. This photo was taken 14 years ago, so that is my eldest daughter in that car seat, and it was Christmas Eve when we brought her home.

(note our fancy floral sofa and rag-rolled paint effect walls)

Two years later, now in our current home, and a second daughter (born THIS day 12 years ago) is now under the Christmas Tree (but in the same car seat!)

(the sofas and curtains followed us to our new home)

Eventually we graduated to a second tree – and went for a more slim-line version. Here is how it looks this year in the same position in the room as the previous room (but the floral has gone!)

However, when our original 20 year old tree was unpacked along with the other decorations this year, my daughters promclaimed that perhaps it was time to look for a new tree.

So this year we have purchased an even skinnier tree (unlike me, our trees our getting slimmer) for the kitchn/family room.

Just in case you think my daughters get their own way ….. they dream of us having coloured lights …. not just coloured ….. but also flashing. We have informed them that they will only achieve their dream when they leave home!

So there you have it – the fascinating evolution of our christmas tree purchases over the years…..I am sure your life will now feel more complete having read this!

Before I go, I must wish my 12 year old daughter and Happy Birthday. The (chocolate themed) birthday party happens tomorrow night.

I am linking this post up to Blogger Block Christmas Tree Party @ 2805

Over at the hilarious Mama’s Losin It (I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Blog Conference in Atlanta) at her weekly Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop bloggers are sharing their posts, and I am joining in.

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(Edited to add – Oops – just realised the prompt was to be about a Christmas ORNAMENT, not Christmas tree – sorry)

See you tomorrow, for another fascinating post.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Trees from Christmas Past – on 8th day of December”

  1. One simply MUST love the 70s. So tacky and yet so colorful.

    My husband loves the colored lights from his childhood, but I love white lights. One year he’ll get his way.

  2. Love your ’70s pictures! They are so…70s-ish. Ha. And my husband and I both love live trees, so that’s what we get each year (our girls want colored lights too, but I can’t make them look…untacky). I like how your trees have evolved. Happy birthday to your 12 yr old!

    But I have to ask: how do you handle your older daughter’s birthday being so close to Christmas? Does it affect gifts at all? Just curious.

  3. My trees are getting slimmer each year as well. However, I, also, am not. I’m wondering if there is some weird correlation … perhaps if we bought wider trees, we’d get narrower? No, surely not!

  4. What a cool post and how sweet you have reminders of your Christmas past love the timeline
    Hope our daughter had a wonderful birthday!:)

  5. Honey at 2805

    Your a sweet post of Christmas past and present!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

  6. Anja from Germany

    Great your arrangements with the christmas tree! We have lovely green real trees. I like to get a decoration in just one or two colors with cream or white candles but since we have children I am not allowed to decorate our tree. Its the job of my husband and our children. So I have a wonderful and colorful christmas tree with all the tiny little things we got over the years.

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