A Sunday stroll – Lisburn’s Island Civic Centre, Kilrush Cemetry and more

As has become my routine, this Sunday morning I went for another walk/explore in our local area before church, while the rest of the family were at Sunday School.

I headed down the side of church, and have always loved this curved terrace.

And here is the view of the church from here.

There is an old cemetry which is closed up, but I would love to explore around it some day. Here are a few photos I took through the railings.

It has been pretty neglected, I’d love to get a closer look. There is a phone number to contact to get through the locked gates ….. maybe some day.

On down to the Island Centre, and these are the benches which my “almost millenium” daughter almost had her name carved on! She arrived in December 1999, a few weeks before the cut-off point of 1 January 2000.  Many of her school friends have their names here, and I am sure they will enjoy returning in the future, maybe eventually sharing it with their grandkids!

The broom is in full bloom

but it is just a wee bit soon for the daffodils……won’t be long though!

This is the River Lagan, which flows through the Lagan Valley down to Belfast where it meets the sea. Sometimes there is a fountain just above the weir.

Part of the river is diverted through two huge lock gates, providing a restored portion of the canal which was used to transport the local linen to the docks in Belfast.

Finally, back over the Millenium Foot Bridge, (which could do with a repaint but I love the flakey paint and various colours revealed!) before heading back to church for a quick cup of tea before church.

Here are a few of my other Sunday morning walks.

 Wallace Park, Lisburn and Castle Gardens, Lisburn

Life is busy, lots going on, so not been blogging as much as usual.

I am really looking forward to seeing my bloggy friend (and very talented photographer) Elizabeth, who is on her way to Ireland as I blog. We are meeting up next weekend – on St Patricks Day, can’t wait!

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