7 December – A Christmas Cushion!

First thank you to all you commented on my photos of the christmas market in Belfast. To answer a question in the comments – No, I did not use a flash for the night time photos, just the P setting and a film speed of 1600. Nothing to technical, and I just stayed on the same setting for all the photos.

My christmas object for today is my Christmas cushion – when you pull the corner, it says “Ho, ho, ho” and then sings a few lines from “Santa Clause is coming to town”. The kids love it, but by Christmas Day I am ready to pack it away for another year!

I haven’t managed much scrapping these last few days, but thought I might share an older layout with a Christmas theme.

As you can see at the top of my blog, I am slowly working through the alphabet with my ABC album of the children. I have got to N, and seem to have got stuck!

Maybe I will get to Z by the end of 2008!

Christmas Survey Continued….

What do you usually do on Christmas Day?

We all go downstairs about 7am, and see what Santa has left in the stockings and under the tree. After breakfast we open our family presents and then try to get to church for the 9am family service . It is a lovely service and the children bring their toys along to show at the front of the church. Later in the morning we meet up with most of the families in our street for mulled wine and mince pies.

My parents or father-in-law usually join us and we open a few more presents before our traditional Christmas Lunch – Turkey, ham and all the trimmings.

The rest of the day is spent struggling to extract toys from their packaging and inserting batteries. This year we are getting a Wii, so that might be some post-lunch activity . The Queens speech was always a very traditional part of my childhood christmas memories, but we rarely watch it now.

Do you own any Christmas clothes or jewelry? No

Come back tomorrow for the next exciting installment.

8 thoughts on “7 December – A Christmas Cushion!”

  1. Very cute layouts. I am so excited for you and your husband on his publication!!!! You mus tbe so proud. I definitely would be. Tell him congratulations from us.

  2. On Christmas morning we are always at our in-laws, with family. We Open gifts and just HANG OUT all day. Our nieces are there and they simply hang all over Miles. We stuff ourselves with Mom’s wonderful dinner.

    jewellery? umm some cheesey stuff that was my Gramma’s. Does not GO with everything i have, but I wear it anyways!

    Thanks for asking.

    Love the pillow!

    ~ Barb

  3. I love your ABC book it’s coming along Beautifully!

    Christams morning we get up early open gifts, and just take it easy, I enjoy cooking a huge meal all day!

    Have a WOnderful Weekend!

  4. UGH Christmas clothes & jewellery! My mum insists on wearing gaudy earrings that light up or play sounds!

    Have a great wekkend. Love the layout too, The white is a great contrast.

  5. Great Albums 🙂 Not much in way of tradition with my family other then Christmas eve the Boys get to open a present each from MOM and DAD. Then Christmas morning they open their stockings and see what else santa brought 🙂 Both my boys are teenagers now , so all they want from santa is money, money and more money …LOL

    Have a super weekend !!

  6. I love your alphabet, I want to make those for my kids too, but I never seem to get around to it. I have to this year, they are getting old!

  7. Jess Gordon

    Your blog is looking very lovely and full of Christmas spirit :)!!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us :)!!!!!

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