3 thoughts on “Photo a day for 2012”

  1. bentonflocke

    poor you!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

    Anyway a beautiful pic – love the bright colour

  2. Hi JM,

    Wow, you can find beauty everywhere you look. I bet you’re teaching your children to appreciate the small miracles all around each and every moment. I feel the same way too. Heavens, I can get “lost” in the bubbles in the sink while doing dishes, in the reflections in the dish of a silver spoon, of the sparkle as our mini lights reflect off of a storm lantern on the mantle. I think it has to do with the view of the person looking – some see the cup 1/2 empty, some 1/2 full.

    Looking forward to your next photo and post!


  3. Ok there must be something – I am going on day 4 of massive headaches and am ready to cut my head off ! Hope yours is all better now though

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