Thoughts on Valentines Day

I know it is still January, but I have been challenged to write a Valentines Day post in January, so here goes!

It seems to me that how Valentines Day is celebrated here in N Ireland seems to be evolving.

When I was a teen it was all about annonyomous cards with SWALK or HOLLAND written on the envelope – can you remember those?

In my twenties, and before I was married, I remember we used to go out for a meal on Valentines Night – the prices would be doubled, every course would be heart shaped/themed (heart swirl in the soup, shortbread heart with strawberries for dessert etc), and you would be rushed through so the next romantic couple could be “processed”.

After one particularily rushed meal on Valentines Night, we made the decision to NEVER eat out on Valentines Day, but instead we would cook our favorite meal at home. We still do that, 20 years on!

Of course once kids come along, the cards I usually get are from my kids, and these are the sweetest. Here are a few from years past to share.

This was my son with his card for me when he was 3!

What about Valentines gifts?

Chocolates, flowers and teddy bears were the norm back in “my” day (which according to my kids was before electricity, colour, and most importantly the internet!)

These days anything goes – perfume, cupcakes, balloons ….. what about you?

Although many of our holiday celebrations are now much more “americanised” as we would say – trick or treating, Easter Bunny etc, as yet we don’t (as far as I know) send cards to all the other kids in the class and give sweets (candy).  However, I can imagine it won’t be long before that starts here too.

Home decor?  Through blog land and pinterest I have seen some amazing Valentines themed ideas for the home.

While I don’t usually decorate our house other than Christmas, I have started to add something for Easter and Autumn, and I confess this year I held back some of my Christmas tree hearts to maybe create something for our hall table. If I do, I will be sure to share.

I do also appear to already own quite a few “heart” shaped accessories – photos of which have been liberally sprinkled through this post with love!

Do you decorate for Valentines? You know the drill…..please share!

So, how do YOU celebrate Valentines Day?

For the men who read this blog you can find some inspiration for gifts for her over at Interflora.

I am aware it can be a tough time for some on their own, who may be single through choice or circumstance – not because they necessarily want to be part of a couple, but because everyone assumes they must WANT to be a couple, and must be miserable if they aren’t!

This post has been brought to you by Interflora, but all opinions expressed are totally my own!

Come by tomorrow, I have something special to share which I have inherited!

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  1. I love hearts and all things heart shaped! I have never eaten out on valentines day as MrR has had to work. This is the first year he will be off in 18 years and I will be in Amsterdam with work! I will have to have a look and get some photos of the hearts around my house.

  2. I’m not big on V-day again probably because that entire week is just not fun at work – if I were off I’d cook a wonderful meal or have b cook a wonderful meal and we’d stay at home!

    By the way – 59 more days!

  3. like your beauti- and heartful post!

    V-day is not my favorite… (with my unromantic men 😉

    We don´t decorate for V-day

  4. Hi JM,

    for not decorating… you’re sure decorated. Its funny how scattering little bits about adds up. Its especially nice to spread a little love around 🙂

    I decorate more for our anniversary than Valentines, it falls 10 days before. Often my Mr has to work Vday. If our anniversary falls during the week we celebrate a weekend before or after.

    We do cook something nice for our anniversary for sure – rarely go out and even then its generally for lunch. Dinners on an official holiday means everyone else in the world doing the same thing, this not romantic due to the crowds.

    Love the pic of George I saw in my email box!


  5. For Valentine’s we tell each other Happy Valentine’s in the morning and probably kiss. That is usually about it, I would say we partake in chocolate but that is an every day occurrence 🙂

    I did buy my son(he’ll be 3 in March)the story of St. Valentine: More than Cards and Candied Hearts. I’m anxious to read it myself.

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