Jungle Speed – review a great game for all the family

I was recently contacted about reviewing Jungle Speed by a toy company. Although the game was sent to me for review, the opinions are all my own (or my kids)!!!

It is portable, easy to set up, relatively easy to explain to all ages, there is a bit of skill and concentration required, or you can make a costly mistake.  It is described as “a fast paced matching card game”.

It’s a bit like snap, but more competitive, and as you need to grasp the wooden totem, there are few arguments and disputes about who has was successful. It is recommended for 8 years up, but with a slight simplifying of the rules our 6 year old loved it.

My 11 year old said

“It’s entertaining, some players get very competitive, once you get the hang of it it is really fun, 9 out of 10.”

My 6 year old said

“It’s fun, a bit tricky, I like flipping the cards over, and I want to give in 30,000 out of 10!”

My 13 year old said it was “entertaining family fun”.

So a definite thumbs up from our family, and it is amazing how quickly things get done around the house with the promise of a game of Jungle Speed at the end!

So if you are on the look out for a fun family game, definitely look out for Jungle Speed.

It is available on Amazon, or if you want to support your local independent games retailer, you can use https://www.findyourgamestore.co.uk/ to find  stockist close to you.

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  1. That does look like fun. Our oldest two are getting big enough to enjoy board games for the whole family. Right now the favorite is Sequence. Maybe we’ll try this soon.

  2. I really need to get some new games – my oldest son loves them. I think he feels most loved when we play games with him!

    Thanks for stopping by our new Snapshots Around the World blog. I’m so excited to have you join in!

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