My first 7 days with a personal trainer!

Me?…..with a personal trainer…….yes – a Wii EA Sports Active personal trainer!

What is more, she is very encouraging at my attempts to get fit.

When given the chance to review this Wii game (although definitely less of a game than Wii Fit) I jumped at the chance – well I would have if I had been a wee bit fitter (wee/wii? LOL!) .

I USED to go to aerobics, I USED to go to spin classes, and I USED to walk regularly – however things have fallen by the wayside.

I plan to return to the gym in September, when I have all 3 kids in school, but was keen not to wait that long, especially with another birthday rapidly approaching. I was keen to try something I could do at home, easy to set up, and fun too.

So last Wednesday I committed myself to taking part in the Wii EA Active 30 day challenge, and here is my progress to date. I am making myself accoutable to all of you, so if I don’t keep up my weekly progress reports, you have permission to hassle me!

First impressions

I was not expecting the extra “equipment” that came to – Resistance Band (a bit fiddley to assemble the handles, but got it!) and a Leg Strap (for the nun-chuck).

You can also opt every day if you want to include your own Wii board with the excercise program.

Before we start – some sunflowers to share – bought these last week at the supermarket, and they are so bright and cheery – I see them every day on the mantlepiece as I start my workouts – which lead me on to……

Day 1

Straightforward to get yourself set up – you can choose a male or female trainer, and you get to create your own person who definitely looks a bit more like me that the Mii character my kids have made for me.

I enjoyed the boxing and in-line skating, but not a huge fan of the walking/running. My first workout time totalled 17 minutes, but including the set up and watching the training videos before the excercises it came to about 40 minutes. As I become familiar with the excercies I imagine I can skip the videos for most excercises.

Glad I made it to the end, real sense of achievement.

Day 2

Definitely felt I was pushed a bit harder today, and I found the hand straps on the resistance band a bit uncomfortable. I really struggled to keep the pace up with the last run – but made it!Day 3

I ached today – glad it was a rest day.

Day 4

Decided to stop using the Wii board, as I found it interrupted the session moving it out of the way – maybe if all excercises using the wii board were grouped together it I would be more inclined to use it.

Excercises went well, and I needed to watch less of the videos.

At the end, I wanted to do more!!! So I added a custom workout to include a few more aerobic components – boxing, dancing and tennis.

Day 5.

Officially a day of rest, but I did the next workout anyway. I can feel each day a little more demanding, but also can feel I am able to put in the extra effort to keep up. Proud of myself!!

You receive trophies for various achievements – time, calories burned etc. so this helps to keep me going too.

Been filling out the daily journal too – it is basic stuff – glasses of water, portions of fruit, any extra activities…..but it definitely has made me more aware of what I KNOW that I SHOULD be doing.

Day 6

Today I was a bit of a rebel and instead of doing the running track I did some more of the “games” – tennis, baseball, volleyball etc. These sort of games definitely appeal more to me than walking and running on the spot in my living room. However I still feel I am achieving a good all round workout and I am not getting bored.

Day 7

Introduced the rest of the family to the EA Activer personal trainer, if only to be able to photograph the screen! Daughters loved the running track, and the cardio dance too.My husband also had a go at the boxing, after setting up his profile and realising that the hair colour closest to his own was the grey!

So – Verdict so far……definitely a thumbs up. Enough variety to stop me being bored, enough of a push to make me sweat!

Come back next week for the next installment!

So, over to you……do you exercise? I would love to hear.

Leave a comment, you know I love them.

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  1. I wish I exercised more. In my younger days I ran, worked out at the gym, did aerobics, did gymnastics, etc. Now the most I do is some good walking when it’s not so hot. Like in the spring and fall. By the time August comes around here, you can’t drag me outside most days for any physical activity! We’re thinking about getting a Wii for Christmas this year, and if we go ahead and spend the money, my request is that we spring for the Wii Fit, too.

  2. Looks fun. I need some serious motivation. We have the Wii Fit and Shred but they are collecting dust right now. I think my husband would have my head if I went out and bought the EA Trainer…guess that means I have to dust off the Fit.

  3. I ordered a Wii Fit four weeks ago. It was supposed to take three to four days to arrive. It’s still not here! Perhaps someone or something is trying to get in the way of my battle of the bulge?!

  4. Oh goodness, I’m proud of you. I am soooooo bad and my attitude just never changes.. I HATE TO EXERCISE. I wonder if that is the last thing I will say as I fall off the elliptical?

  5. Kind of sorry I didn’t let my brother buy that Wii now:) I do walk a lot, although I should probably do more. I definitely do need to work on the bingo wings:)

    Keep it up, it sounds like you’re having fun!

  6. I’d love to lose 15 lbs and be more fit. I start many exercise programs but fizzle out after a week or two. Good luck to you on your new program!!! I’ll be rooting for you!

  7. How weird is this – I just blogged about a personal trainer today!

    I don’t think I could use the wii to exercise. I mean, I can follow a video with no problem, but there’s something about the wii that just doesn’t appeal to me. I may have been traumatized by my chubby roly poly mii – like THAT was supposed to be incentive?

    Good for you for exercising! Sigh. I’ll be doing the same, starting this week. Can you hear my groan all the way over there?

  8. thanks for sharing the wonderful sunflowers!!

    Congrats to your personal trainer and your workout!!

    Sorry for not beeing here so long… but I´m very busy… some important decisions are waiting and I don´t know if I´ll do the right things…

    Please pray for me and my children, that it will turn out good

    Hope better times will come

  9. I’ve avoided getting a Wii for exercising for one reason: I’d have to compete with my kids to use it.

    We live in an old house with thin walls. Get up before the kids to use it? Ha! They’d be up and nagging about when I’ll be done and watching me the whole time and making fun of uncoordinated me.

    After they go to bed? Right–they’d come out and complain I’m making too much noise and instead of exercising I’d be chasing them back to bed.

    For now I’m going to stick to walking the dog and using the exercise bike in bad weather. It’s my only hope.

  10. its been a while since I last stopped by, sorry about that, but I have to say, thumbs up to you and your wii! We got one too about two and a half weeks ago, and now I too am working out with a personal trainer, infact if today wasn’t a rest day, I might just have missed your post!
    Keep it up, I’ll come and cheer you on from time to time (will you me?!)

  11. I HATE exercise but hubby and I just purchased sports active!! I am going to start n the 30 day challenge soon!

    have fun at the tall ships… i’ll be going on saturday or sunday i think 🙂

  12. SO proud of you for doing this! We cannot estimate how valuable keeping fit is as we age. Not just for us, but as an example for our children. I think it would be a shame to not have enough energy to REALLY play with our children, though I sense you do quite a lot physically with yours already.

    Looking forward to watch your progress!

    Love, Barb

  13. My boyfriend’s mom had the Wii Fit and I was extremely disappointed…but the Wii Active looks much better. The Fit seemed too low-impact and boring to me.

  14. Way to go!!! You rock!! I would love to get this… but I think its more of a ‘want’ purchase then a ‘need’ purchase right now… so I will just enjoy it through you!


  15. That sounds REALLY cool! I am currently taking a break from exercise. I was a huge exerciser until about two weeks ago when my left leg started giving me issues. I wish I had a Wii, what a great way to stay in shape…the trophies are a bonus too!

    happy sharefest saturday, stopping by from sits 🙂

  16. Yep, I usually run for exercise, but I’ve been meaning to mix it up a bit with strength and stretching stuff. We have the Wii Fit, but I find it slow and hard to get into. I’m intrigued by the EA Sports Active, though! Sounds like a nice mix of stuff!

  17. I have been wanting to get this. I think after reading this I will have to. I need to work out more and though I love the Wii fit, it’s getting a little old and I need a change.

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