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Shabby Chic and Lessons I have learned this week

Today’s photo for Project 365 is this shabby chic heart shaped photo holder.

I love the cream roses, and the vintage look. I was surprised to find this “treasure” in BHS and even better, it was in the Sale! I have just hung it here in the cottage to display a few vintage postcards of some of the local tourist attractions near here, including Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle and the Carrick-a-rede rope Bridge.

So on to my lessons learned. I now look forward to this post each week, but when I sit down to write it, my mind is usually blank. However it does not take long before the memories of what has been happening come back, and with the help of my many photos, the post is done.

I learned to write an “elevator pitch” for my blog (as the first part of 31 days to a better blog)- which should summarize what my blog is about.

A glimpse into my world of family, faith and life as a wife and mum with 3 kids in N Ireland.

What do you think? Does this portray what my blog is about? Any suggestions very welcome!

I learned that my eldest child can create wonderful rhyming treasure hunts around the house for her wee brother – more of that (with pics) tomorrow for WFMW.

I learned that I can survive shopping for shoes with 3 kids.

I learned I LOVE to be back up at the beach and cottage, even if it is very blustery, but it will be so much better when my husband is up here with us too for more than just the weekend.

I learned that my husband can upload photos to an online gallery so I can see the progress of our new kitchen (Thanks!)

I learned that moving out while all the most of the messiest kitchen work was an even better idea than I first imagined – this is what we are missing!

This was definitely not just a happy co-incidence that the work would be during the kids 2 weeks of school for Easter – it was an integral part of the planning!

For more lessons learned this week visit Jo-Lynne’s blog.

Thank you and good night!

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  1. The photo-holder is so cute, guess it fits perfectly in a cottage!
    What a great idea to time the remodeling of the kitchen with the easter-break for the kids! Looks like the kitchen is on the right way, so exciting to see it finished.

  2. I want to move up to a cottage in N. Ireland while my kitchen gets remodeled!! How nice that you don’t have to live amongst the disaster. And I LOVE the oven and sink.

  3. What a pretty photo holder!

    Nice summary of your blog but I think you should include something about your photos somehow — they are one of my favorite things about your blog! 🙂

  4. Wow…big kitchen project. I live in an old house, so I understand. Will look forward to the big finish!

  5. I’m drooling over that stove! It looks like you could cook for an army with it. I’ve been also coveting a wire wall hanging to clip pictures to. Yours is very cute. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Great photo holder!

    Congrats to your gallery-uploading husband!!

    And congrats to you for moving out!!

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