New Red Shoes…follow that yellow brick road

I know that Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz where red and sparkly, but these new shiny red ones brought the classic 1939 film to mind.

I took my 3 kids, BY MYSELF, to a shoe shop in Coleraine this morning. “So what?” I hear you ask……This is something I avoid if at all possible. There is something about all those shiny new shoes and my kids that brings out the worst in them, or maybe it is the worst in me!

Anyway, today we conquered the shoe shop, and came out with our purchase, once we assured my son these were the bounciest super-fastest shoes in the shop. He actually preferred another pair which were in all other ways identical, except they were a size too small! He had his heart set on them until we convinced him of the superior super-jumping powers of the larger pair.

Mission accomplished.

We also made it through Game, Bargin Books, Claires, Moores for lunch and an old fashioned sweet shop without major incident and returned home to admire and consume our purchases.

Instead of buying all 3 kids easter eggs from us this year, we proposed purchasing them a joint present instead – Mario Kart for the Wii. To our amazement they agreed, and to our double amazement it was in stock – happy days! Now if only I had remembered to bring the Wii to the cottage we could be trying it out right now.

That is me for today, I am limiting myself to just one photograph for Project 365.

Take care.

9 thoughts on “New Red Shoes…follow that yellow brick road”

  1. Denise aka wererich

    Fabulous way to handle the shoe situation. I love how you compared these to Dorothy’s shoes. I myself just found out yesterday that the author of Wizard of Oz (Baum) is actually from the area that I live in right now. How exciting! They even have celebrations every year!

  2. Wow, those shoes are gorgeous!! Love the color. They could almost make me start running. 🙂 And the photo is fantastic, you have really got a fabulous shot!

  3. I’ll have to remember that the next time we need new shoes.

    Pity about the Wii but at least there are sweeties to be had:)

  4. bentonflocke

    these shoes are totally stunning! My son (his birthday is tomorrow) would love them….

    And I found them great, too!! LOL

  5. nice shoes…

    but did you say CLAIRE’S? *perking up* hahahaah! ohlala can’t EVER resist that place.

    really, love the shoes. Now you will just need to buy the rest of the coordinating wardrobe hehe.

  6. Wowza!! Fabulous shoes!! I hope to see photos of him jumping super high and running super fast in them!

    I got my niece and nephew MarioKart for Christmas last year, but it was for the GameCube. They had never had a system before, and so I convinced my brother and his wife to let me get them that and I found the system for them too. I know they will want the Wii now!!

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