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My most proud moment

Today’s challenging blog topic in the Daily Blogging Challenge is to share my proudest moment(s).

The people I am most proud of are my husband and kids, but they aren’t “moments” so I don’t get off that easily.

EDITED to add – everyone else is adding pics of their babies when they were born, so I will too – this is a digital layout using images of each of the kids when they were born – they were born 2 years and then 5 years apart – someone looked at this and thought I had triplets!!!

Despite how it may appear I don’t find it easy sharing, so when I shared with our church, and here on this blog about my post natal depression (PPD) was a big step for me, but I was proud that I did it. Since then I have been amazed at the number of other women who have been touched by Post Natal Depression.

It seems an appropriate point to insert a photo here of the road at the Dark Hedges, as to me depression has been a journey.

I am also really proud of starting my own business so I can work from home and be my own boss. I get such a thrill walking into a boutique and seeing my jewellery on sale.

I am proud that I had the courage to travel to Atlanta, GA in the US last October, representing my jewellery business and our city on a Trade Mission. It was a great opportunity but I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I also attended my first ever blogging conference while in Atlanta too, knowing no-one.

Next month I will be attending Brit Mums Live in London and although I have planned to travel with another mum blogger from N Ireland we haven’t actually met yet!

So please share, what is your proudest moment?

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  1. I would be really proud of all your moments too! I must have a proper look at your jewellery as I love the pics I’ve seen so far. I’m glad you found the courage to be open about your pnd. It is a big step to take. It was a huge relief for me to know I wasn’t alone xx

  2. Have had a look at your site and Love it. You clever lady, they are gorgeous! I really like the cuffs, they are so detailed. Brilliant reason to be proud xx

  3. Traveling so far out of your comfort zone is a great proud moment! Atlanta Georgia! SO close to me! LOVE your jewelry! What a beautiful bracelet! 

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