On the First Day of December….a Christmas Nativity

Welcome to my world in December.

My plan, and good intention, is to post daily for the next 24 days until Christmas Eve, each day sharing some photos of our Christmas decorations, any Christmas activities and some of our Christmas traditions too. I will also be asking you to share some of how you celebrate this seasons. I hope you will join me, and see if I make it!!!

December is a very busy months for us, with 2 kids birthdays, carol services, Christmas concerts, parties etc. However for us the most important part of December is Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We try to keep Christ at the centre of it all, and so I have chosen to share the first Nativity set we purchased in London when we were married.

I bought it in John Lewis’s and my kids love it nearly as much as I do. It all fits inside the stable.

I love that it is wooden and child-safe and I always keep it on a low table or the hearth so even the smallest kids can play with it. It comes with it’s own stable and star, or as my daughter used to say “Jesus was born under a table”.

In other news I had my first public appearance as J M Digital Designs at our church craft fair / indoor car boot sale.

I was not expecting any orders, but just wanted to promote what I could do, and was delighted to receive 5 separate orders. The most popular request was the christmas baubles, so I have plenty to keep me busy.

Come back tomorrow please, for my next Christmas post.

Leave a comment if you can. Thanks.

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  1. OK – that is THE cutest nativity set I’ve seen!

    I love those baubles and I especially love the way you displayed them in your prior post … I’ve been wanting to cut down some branches from our back yard and spray paint them white and hang some of my own handmade ornaments from them. If it EVER stops raining and sleeting here, I’ll be able to do it.

  2. wow great nativity set i love how it is wood so your little ones can enjoy it too :)im sure it will be a great memory for them too..

  3. Congrats on the orders and there’s nothing like word of mouth for bringing in new business. Just sorry I couldn’t get over on Saturday to have a nosey myself.

  4. Congratulations on exceeding your goals for the craft sale!! Awesome!

    And what a great nativity scene! My parents have a wooden one as well that my daughter love playing with.

  5. I am delighted that you recieved orders, and I agree, the baubles would be a good draw!

    You certainly are ambitious to post from now till Christmas – but I admire your stamina… and I mostly admire you keeping Christ forefront through it all.

    Your advent is adorable – its the most unique one I’ve seen yet. I had a good chuckle at the “under the table”

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us, JanMary.

  6. hat a lovely series your doing. I especially enjoyed seeing the nativity…reminds me of one that I have.
    In both of my blogs i have been writing about holiday collections, decorating and of course the true meaning of the season.
    Carrie – Oak Rise Cottage
    & Carola Nativity Gallery

  7. I’m going to have to visit you every day now! Your booth is perfect! Congrats! I love your ‘under the table’ nativity! What a smart idea-and darling phrase:)

  8. I think I finally caught up! YAHOO!
    I was going to comment on every post but decided that would take too long! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE and every single word and thought you shared! You are truly one inspiration to me. thanks so much for always teaching me something and showing me something wonderful!

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