Best Road in Northern Ireland to Photograh …. and more……

On Saturday afternoon my family tolerated yet ANOTHER visit to my favourite road in Northern Ireland to photograph.

 It is the Dark Hedges, and no matter what time of day or time of year, it is a special and atmospheric place.

We then headed east, over and down through the glens of Antrim – and the sun was shining

 And down to Cushendall

It was a beautiful afternoon, and you could almost describe it as warm!

Later in the evening we continued with our family tradition of toasting marshmallows on the beach in Dunseverick, hot chocolate, on this occasion some home-made birthday brownies too.

The cows on the beach did not seem too interested.

 The evening sky was stunning.

We had brought along a chinese lantern to attempt to light/launch.

 Our perserverance paid off, and eventually it floated away.

It was one of those beautiful days, and perfect evenings, that you really didn’t want to end. We definitely had that “summers almost over and school is nearly back” feeling….

However, as the next day was my birthday, it wasn’t all bad!

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  1. Shhhhh
    I thought we were keeping it a secret?:)
    Oh how I long to back there after seeing your photos
    You also captured the light through the clouds perfectly
    So glad you enjoying time with the family
    Funny but last night we were
    Firming up Ireland palms for march
    It put me in a happy mood!

  2. Hi JM,

    Those hedges are amazing, juxtaposed with the little person (smile) even more so!

    The Chinese lantern was a brilliant idea and a fitting end to almost the end of summer.

    So nice you got pampered for your birthday – well any day is nice, really. You’re loved is highly evident.

    thanks for sharing,
    Love, Barb

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