Disney memories

The children all had saved money (with a bit of encouragement from us) to take to Disneyland Paris. Prices seemed very high, as the sterling is now so weak against the Euro, but they each came home happy with their purchases.

In the midst of unpacking and mountains of laundry (which I decided NOT to photograph for today’s Project 365) I took some pics of their purchases.

My 2 daughters’ choices……

and my son’s!
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8 thoughts on “Disney memories”

  1. ahwww Buzz lightyear, who can resist that guy? I think we have the most ultimate Toy Story collection here, I need to photograph it this year for sure, as it is going up the attick in a few weeks. Love the little mickey and minnie they must be new, never seen them in DLP before!

  2. Great shots!

    I had to laugh at the comment about not photographing mounds of laundry. I have two baskets to put away that I’ve left since Monday. It bothers me to look at them, but not enough to get me over my laziness. 🙂

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