Hooked on Wall Decor

I don’t know about you, but I go through phases of not buying anything for the walls at home or at the cottage, and then within a few days seem to acquire a number of items.

Firstly I found this bargain of a sign for our holiday cottage….. for only £3 in a sale.

I love this shade of blue, and of course the words or very appropriate for the house near the sea.

My husband does not quite share my enthusiasm for all things blue/shabby, and asked helpful things like “Is it supposed to look like that?” and ” You do realise the paint is flaking off, don’t you?” To which I reply “Yes, yes, and…… yes…… before you ask….. I DO want to put it in the cottage!”

As with THIS sign, sometimes they just don’t get it, but we agree to disagree, and I hang up my signs!

The other item to arrive, after much anticipation, was my stretch canvas print from UPrint. Do you remember the giveaway I hosted here on my blog by the nice people at Online Poster Printing? Well, the winner (Lori) and I both got to chose a holiday photo to have made into a stretch canvas. It arrived this week – hurrah!

Here it is – a rather unconventional choice of summer holiday photo, but quite true to form here in N Ireland, and letting my kids play in the rain was truly one of their highlights of the entire summer!

I promise I am not just saying this (because I always give my own opinions here) but I was really impressed with the quality, color, standard of finish, and how well wrapped up and protected it was when it arrived.

If you want to know more about Online Poster Printing canvas prints or the other services offered by U Printing, be sure to check out the links. They are very supportive of the blogging community, and I have found them to be most accomodating.

On Fridays I love to take part in a few blogging carnivals, so I am HOOKED on wall decor, finding a Beautiful Life in signs that make me happy, and remembering those special times with our kids.

What about you?

Visit Hooked on Houses and The Inspired Room for much, much more!

It has been a LONG and TIRING week, so looking forward to a quiet weekend. Have you any plans for the weekend? Let me know. Thanks.

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  1. I think that sign is totally cute! Men just don’t get decorating. My DH would say the same thing! Love that picture you had printed too! Very cool thing to hang on your wall!

  2. OMG, I love that canvas print – it’s just gorgeous!

    My belief are that walls exist to be decorated. My husband believes they exist simply to hold up the roof.

  3. Most men do get decorating but cute/girly overload can come mighty fast. None the less, anything is worthy for our cute/girly wives.

  4. I love that sign and plan to share that idea with my sister-in-law who lives near the beach and has decorated her bathroom in a ‘beachy’ theme!

  5. hi janmary!! that sign on the wall is really shabby!! i share your sentiments about men and their sense of appreciation when it comes of home decorating. most of the things we find really interesting for the house, they wouldn’t find any use at all…but still we love them!
    that photo you had printed is really nice! i will definitely visit the site. you gave me a good idea for christmas gift!
    well..off to prepare dinner! i hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. The canvas turned out really well didn’t it. And you’re definitely right about the decorating, I love that sign but my husband just wouldn’t get the point in it, much like most of the things I bring home:)

  7. That canvas is adorable!! I’ve done one like that before and I’ve totally loved it. Great picture you chose to use on it!

  8. Hello JanMary,
    I love that shade of blue on your new shabby sign. I laughed reading what your husband said, because mine thinks exactly the same way!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  9. I love the sign. Just painted my daughter’s room almost that same color (a little lighter). One of these days I’d like to try the canvas print thing. Such a great idea. New post up tonight… finally! Have a great week.

  10. I love the picture of your three – is one of my favorite on your blog – it turned out great after printing! Do you know if Uprint is also delivering to Germany or is it only for UK and so on..

    Great sign for your wall.

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