A Nesting Christmas

Along with my collection of nativities (and more here), I also have a small but growing collection of nesting Christmas decorations.

Can’t remember which set was first – maybe the largest set of 7 Santas.

But this has been my most recent one (a half price bargin in Tescos!)

My son particularily enjoys playing with them.

Of course, I keep my eye out on Pinterest for some, and some day I hope to find an affordable nesting nativity!  Perhaps like one of these….

Source: spoonsisters.com via Janine Mayes on Pinterest

Or this much ornate (and I am sure expensive) one….

Do you have any nesting dolls/santas/nativities?

Persisting with the daily December blogging, but would appreciate some inspiration about what else about Christmas to blog about. Suggestions (and comments) welcome!

4 thoughts on “A Nesting Christmas”

  1. From your previous posts showing photos of the family dinner table at Christmas you have probably cooked a few turkey dinners. Maybe you would care to share a few cooking tips/ recipes says for preparing, the turkey, veg or stuffing. Just an idea to help you out. This is my first time cooking Christmas dinner so any tips appreciated. Oh I too have christmas cups, plates and bowls I get out each year mainly all from good old Dunnes!

  2. These are so cheerful and heartwarming! Beautifully photographed, too! I don’t own any nesting decorations, but I shall be posting about our Xmas tree, so you might see my favorite decorations!Merry and Joyful Christmas to you and your family.

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