On the 16th day of December…..lots of trees

Today I have a veritable forest of trees to show you.

I am also participating in Tip Junkie’s Christmas Tree contest

As well as our two main trees (this one in the living room)

and this one in our hall,

over the years I have gathered up a collection of mini trees.

In our family room we have this light-up red one

I have these on top of the piano

and these on the mantle piece

This one in the dinning room from Ikea (although not quite happy with the baubles – I need suggestions – please)

and this metal one

Another one!

And this year’s new one.

Finally, I made this from a recycled magazine (a Readers Digest!)

I found the instructions here on Just Like Martha. So easy and fun to make, I plan to do more of these with the kids when school stops at the end of the week.

So which is your favourite tree?

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Take care until then.

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16 thoughts on “On the 16th day of December…..lots of trees”

  1. Love all your trees but my favorite is the Reader’s Digest tree. I had forgotten all about those! I used to make them when I was in grade school many, many years ago. (I was the only crafty one in my family!) Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  2. I love those! We can’t have a big tree this year, so I made a little on out of felt and buttons LOL
    I’ll have to post a pic on my blog later :o)

  3. Had to comment back! I love IKEA! Thing is their online selection is so limited and the one near us is like an hour away and there are like 7 tolls each way. By the time I get a sitter and drive there I dont feel like I am getting a good deal unless I have alot of money to spend. So I only go like once a year with a grip of cash.

  4. Hi JanMary,
    I found you through Kristi’s at Kikis Corner.
    You have a wonderful blog!
    I LOVE your readers digest tree and plan to go see the directions. I totally love paper crafts, scrapbooking, cardmaking.. all that!
    Your trees are fabulous!
    I’m off to read more!
    Hello to Ireland from the shabby Olde Potting shed!

  5. The paper tree you made we did in Girl Scouts a very long time ago. We sprayed them gold and added a star on top. I was so glad you showed this. Brought back memories. What beautiful trees you have. Thanks

  6. and here I have NO tree at all! Well, I had a moment there yesterday, clutching a bare frame of a sumac in my hand thinking that if I painted it silver or gold and hung a few baubles on it… but then I got reasonable with my time LOL!

    I especially like your red light up tree (elegant) and the fold up magazine one (useful and recycled)

    Can you believe you’ve only a week to blog to Christmas? Your blog has blessed me so far, thank you!

  7. Brenda Susan

    Which is my favorite? That is hard, I love your whole tree collection but the living room one, the red one & the metal curly one are my favorites. What a fun thing to collect! Very nice.

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