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Solar Eclipse 2015 in Northern Ireland

Today was the day of the Solar Eclipse 2015 – and we awoke to grey cloudy skies, so I didn’t hold out much hope of seeing the eclipse, despite the fact that we were due to have 85% coverage of sun by the moon here in Northern Ireland.

However, hurrah, the clouds broke JUST enough to be able to see the eclipse – either with my DSLR, or through a pinhole on a white canvas.

Solar Eclipse with DSLR camera

solar eclipse janmary 1

solar eclipse janmary 2

I promise I didn’t look directly at the sun – I had the focus and shutter speed set, zoomed to the max and aimed in the direction of the sun, only looking at the LCD screen after I had taken a pic, and with a bit of luck I managed to capture these images on my DSLR

solar eclipse janmary 6

solar eclipse janmary 3

These images are not edited/enhanced apart from a slight bit of cropping – promise!

solar eclipse janmary 2

solar eclipse janmary 1


Solar Eclipse through pin hole

I also had a go with a pin hole through a piece of card, and held it in front of a blank white canvas, and managed to capture this …..

solar eclipse janmary 4

solar eclipse janmary 5

Not quite as impressive as the other images, but still amazing to see.

All those physics lessons in Ballymena Academy must have paid off!

I remember the last solar eclipse, in 1999. I was working in the bank, and we all headed outside for 5 minutes and it did get darker, but the weirdest part was the silence, and then as it passed, the birds were soon back out and at full volume.

This time I noticed the birdsong stopping too, it definitely got chillier, and the light was unusual – at sunrise/sunset the light is warm, but this time if was a cooler darkness (if that makes sense – probably not!)

Did you experience the solar eclipse? Do let me know.

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