Alfred and his chicken!

Now, there’s a blog post title you don’t see everyday – but more of thay later.

First thing first – no your eyes do not deceive you – I do now have 2 CT blinkies to show off. Still can’t quite believe it, but yes – the amazing girls at Weeds and Wildflowers have let me join! Thanks to all those who helped me get those blinkies there – you know who you are!

Secondly, it is even harder to believe, and a lot more significant, but as of today Northern Ireland has got a power-sharing devolved government. It is a day we thought we would never see. There is a long way to go but there is a lot of optimism for a peaceful future.

So – what about that chicken?

This layout is for my dh, who wondered when I would get around to making a layout from his side of the family. I did my best with a poor copy of the picture, but I hope you can see the detail. As part of a challenge I had to use one photo twice, so I chose to enlarge my dh’s grandfather, Alfred, and yes – he is holding a chicken/hen.

Here is the journalling:

Thomas Mayes and some of his family in 1910, outsidethe family cottage in Knocknamuckley, County Armagh. The family were chicken farmers and also had an orchard.
Thomas had 9 children with his first wife, and on her death, married Letitia,and went on to have a further 9.
Alfred was the youngest, and appears to be holding a chicken in the photograph.

Kit used Cookery Corner by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear

Fonts – Journal, James Fajardo and Al Sandra

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  1. Oh, what a great photo. Love that he’s holding a chicken. You did a super job on this layout!!

  2. this is lovely, JanMary! you have done so many different things with this kit & they’re all so fitting for the great heritage photos you have. love the photo of Alfred holding the chicken LOL! how many 7 year old boys these days would do the same? not my 7 year old boy hehehe 🙂 how wonderful that there is hope for more peace in your country ~ what a blessing. glad you got your blinkies blinking!

  3. I love how you did the ribbon JanMary!! Wonderful layout, and that photo is great, even if you don’t think its as good quality. I’m glad you got your blinkie’s working.

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