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Another Sunday stroll and photowalk – Castle Gardens, Lisburn

These days I only seem to manage to take photos with my DSLR on Sunday mornings before church. I drop off the kids to Sunday School, then have 45 minutes to myself.

Yesterday I headed up to Castle Gardens for a “wee dander”…….

Here are a few of the images:

This is one of the Wallace fountains – there are a number in Paris.

I found a few roses on the railings

I love the character and texture of these old walls

Apparently this cannon is from the Crimean war, and is a Russian cannon taken at Sebastopol – presented to Lisburn by Admiral Meynell in 1858 – isn’t the internet a wonderful font of knowledge!

As the name implies, there once was a castle here, but it was destroyed by fire in 1707.

From the Discover Northern Ireland website

“Castle Gardens is the most historically significant open space in Lisburn and was once the site of Lisburn Castle, a 17th century fortified manor house, built by the Conway family, the landlords of Lisburn. Upon the death of the last landlord, Sir Richard Wallace, and later his wife, Lady Wallace, the Gardens were gifted to the people of Lisburn by Lady Wallace’s heir, Sir John Murray Scott in 1903.

The upper 19th century Gardens and the 17th century Terraces have recently been restored by Lisburn City Council, with grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund.”

Finally, a couple of photos walking back up Seymour St to church.

Is there an historic space near where you live? Where do you like to go for a walk? As always, please share in the comments.

Busy week ahead for www.janmarydesigns.com – I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! You’re inspiring me to take a walk with the DLSR sometime soon (maybe when it warms up?).

    I’m finally having a chance to catch up with what’s going on in your life, thanks to a sleeping baby… of course, now that I say that, she’s going to wake up needing her mama (isn’t that always how it is?).

  2. Also, I’ve been really enjoying your project 365 photos on instagram – you are so good at taking beautiful instagram photos! I am inspired to do better!!

  3. OH, I’m so in love with that beautiful turquoise colour.

    I love photo walks but don’t get to do them often enough. Actually, rubbish – I will put one on my goals list for March 🙂

  4. I’ve been to Lisburn dozens of times but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never visited the park, must put that on my list of things to do now that our girls are more than eager to get outside.

  5. Born, bread and educated in Lisburn till 1962, I was at the cannon many times, and knew the story of Sebastropol. Co-incidentally my wife’s folk came from near Fraserburgh which had been given two similar cannons, and we had a painting of them on the foreshore. the painting has recently been sold, and we believe it has gone north to be near the cannons. If anyone is interested, I can forward a photo of the painting.

    1. Thanks for visiting Harry – hope my blog posts from back a few happy memories of Lisburn

      1. …..sorry I was not ‘bread’ in Lisburn……I hope my old English teacher is not looking down and going ‘tut, tut’…..

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