On the 24th of December….. our Christmas Eve traditions….Including….. cooking the ham, making the stuffing, peeling the potatoes, setting the table, carols and communion at church, walk to see the neighbours' lights, hot chocolate, Christmas stories and a Christmas movie! I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and especially thinking of those not able to be with the family and friends tomorrow for whatever reason. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? Let me know!

On the 23rd of December…. Christmas Eve Eve Today I created a few more wreaths including this one which I will use as a centrepiece on Christmas Day. Few plans for us tomorrow….Pick up the turkey and hamSet the tablePeel the vegMake dessert Roast the hamMake the stuffing Having kids all grown up means there are plenty of helping hands!All done by early evening as then we have our church Christmas Eve service.We have a few Christmas Eve traditions….. will share those tomorrow!

On the 22nd December…. managing (just) to post daily in December How are you feeling this year? Definitely not the usual festive feelings, a different Christmas for us all. But big shop done (thanks to husband and a daughter), presents wrapped and under the tree….. apart from a few last minute fresh food bits, and the turkey and ham of course…. think we are set. How is your prep going? Are you feeling festive or festively different? As always I love to know!